Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bird Is The Word

A new year starts and so does the giant cupcake making. I haven't made a lot of these recently so I'm glad to get back into it, this particular one was a birthday cake for my best friend, I think they make great gifts and can make them really personal.

I decided to go with a bird theme, as her last name is Bird. I can't believe I haven't covered this before actually. I've done something similar before but for someone else.

The botton of the cake was coloured pink and I kept the buttercream vanilla. The cake itself was chocolate. I decorated the front with two lilac fondant birds with piped detail on them. I also added candy coated chocolate pieces, white chocolate hearts that I dusted with glitter and also some rice paper butterflies.

I initially piped the buttercream on with the standard Wilton 1M nozzle, I probably should experiment with other styles but I love how this one looks so much. Deciding it needed something extra I fount some bird cake toppers I got a little while ago that would be perfect on top of the cake!

To finished it off I gave it a generous dusting of edible glitter and tied it up with a Pandora ribbon, we love a bit of Pandora. As it's my first cake of the year I'm pretty pleased with it, I am my worst critic but she loved it so who cares :) Pin It Now!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


It's been ages since I've done a proper post, sorry guys! I am back! And I have missed it but it's been really nice reading through everyone's posts and catching up with all the deliciousness I've seen pop up. I do like a good photo post so I thought I'd just post a million photos to show what I've been up to over Christmas.


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