Sunday, 28 December 2014

My New Favourite Outfit!

This may sound crazy to some, but I've never worn or owned a pencil skirt. Ever. With the wiggle cut being a big part of rockabilly fashion my avoidance of it has made some looks difficult to achieve.

The main reason I avoided it was confidence, I just thought I could never pull one off so I stuck to anything and everything A line. But suddenly in the last few weeks I just had the urge to buy one, so I found a gorgeous houndstooth skirt from Very (£24), the next day I was ready to face the fear.

It even fit, no idea why I thought it wouldn't...but I loved it. I teamed it with a lace Bardot top also from Very (£8) and I finally had the look I never thought I'd give a go. The skirt has zero stretch so it took a little bit of adjustment to figure out how big steps I could take in it without ripping the split. Turns out my thighs can push some power through it's strides so it split on it's first outing! I soon solved this with strengthening the seam and not walking like a lumberjack, it's been great ever since.

I just love the pattern and the fit so I'm definitely going to wearing it a lot more. Since buying it I have now 6 pencil skirts in my outfit, one of which is on it's way from Collectif. I will of course be showing you them all. 

I wore this outfit on a recent night out with my friends and I teamed it with a red glitter heart brooch I got in the Christmas box from Lucky Dip Club. I'm becoming a little obsessed with brooches does anyone have any good recommendations? 

The hair turned out pretty good this night too with the victory roll on point. I love my red hair but have been thinking about going to something different, maybe blue or turquoise - thoughts?

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