Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pinup Picnic In The Park - I Mean Bar!

It's that time again, has it really been a whole year since the last one? Last year the wonderful ladies known as The British Belles hosted a wonderful picnic in Hyde Park where I met lots of wonderful ladies. This year we were set to attend the same, however. RAIN. Of course, bloody rain. Luckily one of the Belle's, Amber managed to get us all into a fabulous tiki bar instead to save our pincurls, hurrah!

Last time was a bit nerve-racking, I hadn't actually met any of this lovely bunch in person. We had only ever stalked each others social media accounts and shared a love of all things vintage and rockabilly. This year however I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new lovelies I've been interacting with since last year.  I even had a train buddy! I met Carrie-Ann at a previous Most Marvelous meet up and she is now my vintage partner in crime, I've decided. I may even be helping her plan some meet-ups which will be exciting.

Carrie-Ann, Kariss and I
A few of us met at King's Cross to then go on and find the bar together. We got a bit of attention when in a group and was lovely to have a quick catch up before we set off.

What I wore: Hair flowers from Claire's accessories, top from Hell Bunny, mermaid Lucy cardi from Collectif, flamingo bag from Retro Vixens and the skirt I made myself under my little label Vintage Valentina
When we got to Chancery Lane tube station, the closest to the bar there were hoards of pinups on each side all whooping and waving to each other, it was great!  So we all marched on together getting more and more confused looks as we went, confused and happy looks may I add. Generally speaking a heard of pinups always raises a smile of confusion. 

After a couple of wrong turns and the power of Google Maps we found our way to the bar and started on the cocktails! The club in question is Kanaloa, full of tiki heads, tropical flowers and good vibes. It was nothing but wonderful to have so many like-minded gals (and some guys) in the same place. Loaded up with some gorgeous tiki cocktails we spent the afternoon chatting about hair, vintage clothing, hair colour, Poundland pins and sewing, all fangirling over each other all excited to meet each other for the first time. 

Nicola from Nickabockaglory and I
There were so many familiar faces and so many that I didn't get to say hello to. Normally the idea of being in a room with hundreds of people you'd never met you may end up feeling a bit sick with fear. Not here though, we all basically ran at each other like life-long friends. It's hard to explain but you meet up with these guys and you feel like you've found your people. No better feeling!

The lighting was a bit dark inside so many of us ventured out at various points to take some better photos. One of the best things about this meet-up may I add is that no one judges you for all the selfies, make up and hair close ups, we all even encourage them. 

I especially loved seeing Kayla, miss her face lots so was lovely to catch up and take some silly selfies.
All too soon the day was over and we had to head home.  Excited about future meets and finding the new stunners I met online on the train ride home Carrie-Ann and I chatted all the way home, I cannot wait for our next adventure!

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