Tuesday, 25 August 2015


OK shouty caps over. This past weekend I spent the weekend in Disneyland Paris and my brother's dance group were performing there. I decided to get the Eurostar down which was fantastic and so quick I would definitely do it again. I did almost not make it after not being able to locate my passport at 11.30pm.. the mothership was not impressed after we turned the house upside down. Luckily it was lurking in my Figaro under my drivers seat so made it after all! So off to London I headed complete with my home made Mickey and Minnie Mouse circle skirt, which did get a lot of attention the whole way with the commuters, hey guys!

The train pulled up right outside Disney so I met my dad, stepmum and little brother there and we quickly headed back to the hotel (which was western themed yay!) to dump the bags and get ready for the park. The very first thing that I did was to pick up a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, I already had the skirt so had to commit right?

We didn't get to do too much the first day with dance stuff going on so we walked around for a bit and went and had some dinner and cocktails. Turns out we were all sharing a room, dad and stepmum in the double bed and me and my little brother in the bunk beds.... I'm 27. BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE WE WERE AT DISNEY LAND! And we were all so tired both nights we just died as soon as we got in. We did however get to see one of the parades, loved it! MAGICAL!!

 This boy cannot pull a normal face

 Cocktails and Kinder Joy mmmmm

The next day we were up early and it was time for another outfit. This time I channeled my inner Ariel and I couldn't have been more excited. Again another home made skirt. Though it turns out that a foily skirt in 30 degree heat is not the one. I teamed this with a purple top, obviously. I also had some Ursula ears loaned to me by my friend Emily and I bought an Erstwilder mermaid brooch especially for the event. To top it all off I finally used my Skinnydip mermaid bag that I bought in topshop. The kids in the park loved the outfit but I had to change halfway through to the pineapple dress which was much cooler. 

I loved rides, big kid. Space Mountain in my favourite so that was my first hit. 

My little brother does not share this passion so I didn't make him go on anything horrible we did all the nice rides. It was amazing to see his dance group perform too they filled the house and Disney said they were the best group they'd seen so that was fantastic! He was really chuffed.

 We stayed for the fireworks on the last night even though we were all knackered but it was so worth it and was so stunning. Up early the next day for early train home and was back home by midday, sore, tired and feeling like I'd been hardcoring it at a festival. So worth it and so want to go back!

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