Saturday, 2 January 2016

Christmas Eve in Lindy Bop - Review

It's been ages since I posted, will do better this year! I thought I'd do some more outfit posts, and I'll start with my favourite outfit of the festive season. As we're Norwegian, we mainly celebrate on Christmas Eve with a huge meal consisting mainly of meat, a huge rib of pork, meatballs and various kinds of sausage which is a tad perversely shaped...don't ask. 

We also like to dress up for this meal as it's really special and what's the first thing you'd pick to wear? Maybe something that you could eat loads in (thinking of Joey in Friends with his thanksgiving turkey eating pants), something with a full skirt that fans out hiding the after belly of food? NAH!
I knew you'd want to see the meat in all it's glory... no sniggering

I felt brave and ordered something I've never ordered before, a figure-hugging wrap dress from Lindy Bop, the 'Sadie' dress. I wasn't sure how this would suit me but slapping on the control shorts I gave it a go and I bloody loved it. Bright green leopard print may not sound like something you'd wear to Christmas Eve dinner but it's actually really lovely and I felt amazing in it. I really hope they release more styles.

The fabric is nice and heavy so it falls nicely and gave me a great shape I wore it again on new years eve but my hair wasn't nearly as good hence so pictures! It gathers and ties up at the side which I love as I'm not sure how I'd feel in a tight wiggle dress without this little disguising feature but you never know, I might brave it next time. 

Great news is that Lindy Bop has a sale on, you can get it now for £20.99

PS. Not an endorsed post, I just love it so much. 

I also thought I did a pretty good hair and make up job! All using Makeup Revolution, their Ultra Brow Palette is the best and give me the brows of my dreams and their contour trio palette works a treat though I don't think that's online anymore. I did a wet set on my hair the night before to get the pincurls perfect for the day!

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