Sunday, 21 September 2014

Victory Roll Hair Tutorial

So I've been asked a few times how I do my hair and if I could do a video. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing my hair, but did I ever think it was tutorial worthy? No. But I'm sure everyone else who does them thinks the same! I was also a bit nervous as I'm not someone who loves being on camera.

But I kept getting more requests and got more confident with showing my hair so thought 'sod it, why not?' I did this in my room as it has really good natural light but I could do with a proper lamp of some sort. This is also why the camera shakes a bit in places as it's balanced on a square ottoman I have now placed on my mattress. 

It's not a very long tutorial but this is pretty much how long it takes me to do my hair in the morning before work, I do it so much it's never usually longer than this unless I completely muck it up.

I will be posting some more but as this is my standard look I thought I'd go for this one first. Let me know what you think!
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My First Go At Pincurls

So for a while now I've been admiring all of the lovely Aussie rockabilly girls on Instagram and their beautiful pincurls. I've tried to do it myself before a few times but just hasn't brushed out right so have had to re-do my usual style in the morning.

I've always used curling tongs before, pinning them up and brushing them out afterwards, this works fine for curls but isn't quite what I wanted. So after trawling IG I took the plunge and bought some super cheap foam rollers from eBay, about three packs was enough to cover my entire head and I have a lot of hair! So one night after some bourbon and armed with a bandana and a spray bottle I decided to give it a go.

You need the spray bottle because it's a wetset, when I say wet, it should only really be damp, not wet. Drench it and the curls will fall out in the morning and you'll cry...maybe...I didn't cry...maybe. You can also do it after you've washed your hair and it's nearly dry.

Then you need to section off the hair working with small sections at a time.  Give the hair a small spritz of water and wrap around the roller. These foam rollers are excellent, so comfy to sleep in and have a little clip to keep the hair in place. Cover the whole head and wrap up with a bandana. 

I slept with mine overnight and woke up all anxious it wouldn't work so I didn't sleep much out of hair fear. I have done it a couple of times since and have slept fine! So off to a sleepless night I went and when I woke in the morning...hoorah! Tight ringlets were ready to be brushed out.

Brushing out is an important part of the process, try to do it in small sections and you can then control the hair a bit better and get the look you want. I have to say, I was shocked. It took me about 5 minutes to brush out and it looked amazing. Just like all of the pictures online and have great bounce. The important part for me was my fringe part, it's exactly how I wanted it to look and I couldn't have asked for a better turn out.

I used some filters to make it look a bit more red but I'm still very happy with it and will make more of an effort to do it more, especially now that I know I can sleep in it.

I recently bought a 'slumber cap' from Superdrug for about £1 which is amazing and it was far comfier to sleep in and kept all my hair in place all night!

Sorry about all the selfies - I'm just in love with these curls - and the sunglasses!

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