Sunday, 26 June 2016

Marverlette Meet-Up St.Neots Edition

Who are the marvellettes? I hear you ask. They just happen to be a big, wonderful group of people, lovers of the 1940s/1950s who organise lots of local meets for like-minded lovelies. 

I've not long been part of this specific group but after seeing lots of pictures online I wanted to take part too. The group is HUGE, which is wonderful. It's full of advice, love for others and hilarity, what more could you want? Everyone shares beautiful images of vintage finds, their hair styles, little tips here and there and to be honest it's just bloody nice to be part of something so positive. 

As there are so many of us, we've got local admins who organise meets, you can of course go to any that you want but it's nice to know you can find out about the most local ones too. Our admin is a stunning little lady called Carrie-Ann. A day had been chosen and a few options suggested. We settled on meeting up in St Neots town center and booking a table at Betty Bumbles Vintage Tea Rooms for cocktails, cake and vintage shopping, perfection.

Me and Carrie-Ann

 All dressed up in my tropical Lindy Bop dress, Collectif cardi and Retro Vixens flamingo bag, me and Elvis (the Figaro) headed off - late, of course! Because that's who I am now.  Luckily I was only about ten minutes late and I remembered my way around the town enough to make it in time. A lady I've been following for a while because she also owns a Figaro (the lovely Satah) was going so I stalked her car and parked nearby.

I was a tad nervous as I hadn't actually met and of these ladies before but you walk into the tea rooms, see a big table full of vintage gals and you instantly feel at home, I'd found my people.  

Sitting down I noticed everyone had done their cocktail order so it would have been rude to not indulge...margarita time! Then the afternoon tea arrived, three tiers packed with perfectly cut finger sandwhiches, mountain-sized scones, vintage teacups full of clotted cream and slabs of stunning cakes, Tunnouck Teacakes and Caramel Log's with some grapes and strawberries for good measure.

We managed to work our way all up to the cakes, which had to be take home for dessert. It was a stunning location which had a 1940s bar (Bertie's Bar) which opened in the evening. Hopefully we'll have another meet up there!

Now full of cake it was time of some selfies and group shots before trawling through the town's charity shops. We drew a lot of attention wandering through the town and we all had lots of nice compliments which was lovely. We all had different kinds of vintage looks and all mixed it up, yet we all fit #girlgang.

The charity shops were brilliant and most of us managed to pick up bargains. I always find myself drawn to the homeware. Cats seem to be a big thing in charity shop and for Lucy, it seemed the scarier the better. A particularly terrifying cat trinket found a home with her. It will not continue to haunt and scare her household for many years to come. I found mine in Oxfam, I got this stunning red vanity case for £6.99 and a beautiful little white shell dish for £2.99 which just fuels my mermaid obsession (forgot to get a picture though). 

Soon our parking was running out so we started to chat about the Pinup Picnic In The Park hosted by the Britsh Belles this saturday in Hyde Park. I cannot wait to see some of my vintage lovelies there and meeting new faces (and some I have lovingly stalked online). Anyone else going? 

Here's to the next meet!
(images stolen from Carrie-Ann)

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