Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wet Set Tutorial With Soft Curlers

One thing you may know about me is that I have a creepy obsessive relationship with my hair. I love spending evening messing with it and making it look pretty and using a shit load of filters and hashtags and sharing the hell out of it on Instagram. Can't help it and will never apologise for it, and I love creeping over all your pictures too and getting inspiration, don't we all do that? I have hair envy of so many people all day long. Instagram just feeds it, and I love it. 

I got some of these soft rollers in my Christmas stocking along with this vintage hairstyling book so I couldn't wait to test them all out. I liked the curlers so much that I bought another set from Claire's, they're £8 a pack (18 pieces). 

I played around with a few of them and after posting a couple of pictures on IG I was asked a few times to do a tutorial and I've only now finally gotten around to it. I didn't do a video this time as it had to be done in two parts and quite repetitive so didn't think it was needed. Because I did a west set I left it overnight to get a good curl which meant I had to do some of the pictures at night. I did however I steal one of my mum's sewing lamps to make it a bit brighter as the lighting in my room where I do the tutorials is quite dark. So forgive some of the crazy brightness, that's the only thing I photoshopped in these pictures - tried to fix the insane shine!

OK so first I washed my hair and let it dry so it was only about 10% wet. I then sectioned off my hair and got all my viscous tools ready. I had two packs of the curlers at the ready, a slumber cap, hair ties and a solution made up with hairspray and water. I never really use a setting pattern, I should really - any suggestions guys?

I start with the front middle section and always do it in the same direction as I try to get a bit of a barrel roll going on. Take a small section of hair and if the hair has gone a bit dry then lightly mist the section with the water. Put the end of the hair on the middle soft part of the curler and roll it down towards the scalp, twisting the ends in together to secure it in place.

After I've done the top center section I then repeat the process down across the sides too. Try to keep the sections of hair as evenly sized as possible.

 Once the sides are done I then finish the pattern down the back of the scalp until it's all done up in the rollers.

When it's all done you should look something like this, not gonna lie, went to bed feeling pretty damn vintage last night.

To top it all off I went to bed in a cheeky slumber cap. I tend thrash about in my sleep so I prefer this to sleeping in a bandana or hair scarf, old lady chic never goes out of fashion and they're really comfy. I bough this from Superdrug for about £1.70.

OK so here comes the hard part. The brushing out. I find this really hit and miss, sometimes I love and other times it just doesn't go right. Spoiler alert. This time I ace'd it. Beware, you will look like this when you wake up - don't freak out, just get to work with the brush. And you know I find it hard to not pull a funny face.

I use my big brush for this part. It's really simple so I don't know why I seem to mess it up at times. The trick is to do it in small sections so you can really control the curl. It takes quite a while to get it how you want but be persistent! 

When you've done one side switch over to the next, keep going back and brushing out until you're 100% happy, I seem to go over it at least three times before I get the pomade out. I give the fringe and initial brush out but leave that to the end, it's the hardest part for me. 

 But when you do feel happy with your curls dig out the pomade or wax, I use Black and White's. Using a small amount run it through your curls to make them super shiny, smooth and controlled.

 Sometimes after I've used the pomade I have to go through and brush it out a bit more and go over it again. Look how shiny it makes it, it really does make a huge difference.

 Ugh, the fringe. I don't know why it hates me, it just takes me AGES. This is why sometimes I leave it just keep it as a victory roll, it always behaved for them. I have to tease the hell out of it, time and time again, sometimes I have to use dry shampoo to make it backcomb better especially when it's freshly washed. 

 I leave the pomade to the last minute on this bit as it's not so easy to brush out if it messes up, after about 15minutes (because I'm annoying) I'm finally happy with it and secure it in place with a couple of hair grips and finally smooth over a tiny bit of pomade.

 Look! It worked! Shiny, shiny. Then proceed to take many, many pictures and IG all of them, haters gonna hate. Feel epic, go out, look epic, take more pictures.

Filter the crap out of it!

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hell Bunny Olivia Cardi

Anyone who knows anything about rockabilly fashion knows about the Dita Cardi, everyone who doesn't have one - wants one. This includes me. The downside is that it's very expensive, nearly £100 and you have to ship it from Australia and I've heard horror stories about buyers getting stung by customs making it even more expensive. 

Finally a UK brand Hell Bunny had produced a cardi with a similar and elegant feel making it much more realisic to buy more than one...which is great as the Olivia Cardi comes in two colours, green and red. I bought mine from eBay for about £30 which was an absolute steal in comparison. I love red but I first went for the green one. 

It's green and black with black embroidered roses across the bust, black buttons right up to the neck which has a really cute a Parisian feel tie up folded down collar.  The green is a stunning vibrant green which really pops and looks great against my red hair. The fabric is so soft and holds its shape really well. 

I'm definitely going to be buying the red version and I really hope they bring out some more colours in the spring. Has anyone else snapped one of these Olivia Cardis up yet?

I teamed it with my back velvet check pencil skirt from Primark and black tights. I think this picture shows off the colour really well.
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