Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hell Bunny Olivia Cardi

Anyone who knows anything about rockabilly fashion knows about the Dita Cardi, everyone who doesn't have one - wants one. This includes me. The downside is that it's very expensive, nearly £100 and you have to ship it from Australia and I've heard horror stories about buyers getting stung by customs making it even more expensive. 

Finally a UK brand Hell Bunny had produced a cardi with a similar and elegant feel making it much more realisic to buy more than one...which is great as the Olivia Cardi comes in two colours, green and red. I bought mine from eBay for about £30 which was an absolute steal in comparison. I love red but I first went for the green one. 

It's green and black with black embroidered roses across the bust, black buttons right up to the neck which has a really cute a Parisian feel tie up folded down collar.  The green is a stunning vibrant green which really pops and looks great against my red hair. The fabric is so soft and holds its shape really well. 

I'm definitely going to be buying the red version and I really hope they bring out some more colours in the spring. Has anyone else snapped one of these Olivia Cardis up yet?

I teamed it with my back velvet check pencil skirt from Primark and black tights. I think this picture shows off the colour really well.
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