Tuesday, 27 November 2012

50's Christmas House Advent Calendar Review

As some of you may know... I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Now we're creeping closer towards December I can officially get more excited about it without the bah humbugs yelling at me, we're even off to get or tree at the weekend!! OK and calm.

I was even more excited when I received a little festive package in the post from dotcomgiftshop, I love getting post when you don't really know what you're getting it's like getting presents. This bad boy turned out to be a super cute retro advent calendar (*), being from Norway we're used to having 'fill your own' calendars but they've always been made from felt, we've never had once this nice before.

The calendar itself is a small house with 24 individual pull out boxes, each with a cute little festive picture on the front. Each door pulls out to fit a decent sized chocolate inside (4 x 4 x 4cm, large boxes 4 x 4 x 8cm), not a bar in the small but you could fit one in the larger boxes so it's perfect really. We're really childish in our house and believe you're never too old so my mum will be getting this on the 1st if she's well behaved. Being the good daughter that I am I have filled the boxes with Ferrero Rocher and Guylian chocolates...there were a few spares so I MIGHT have eaten a couple...or seven.

It's 28cm tall so a nice size but also won't take up too much space but will fit in nicely with all of your other Christmas decs. Make sure you keep it somewhere high though, the boxes aren't padlocked so little hands might go looking...shame my mum's too tall for this trick.

Get your hands on one for £18.95 before December comes, I would definitely recommend this for those of our who don't like the classic advent calendar chocolate taste.

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  1. Soo getting excited!! My tree is going up on Dec 1st!! Your advent calendar sure is cute! I dont think I could have one in my house, it would be me sneaking the chocolates out of it :)

  2. I LOVE Christmas too. This advent calendar looks amazing - wish I could have one although the chocolates might not last till Christmas!


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