Monday, 10 December 2012

Spaceboy Children's Baking Set Review

This weekend was my mini Christmas, every year I spend a weekend at my dad and stepmum's house in December, exchange presents, have a big festive dinner and generally spoil my little brother Josh, rotten. This way I get to enjoy him opening his presents...and play with them too! This year I had one gift I was especially eager to give him...a baking set! And not just any baking set either, a Spaceboy one* - some of you may remember his space themed birthday cakes I made earlier this year...let's just say he loves space. So I couldn't have been happier to receive this set in the post from Dotcomgiftshop, I knew he would go nuts for it and I could get it thoroughly tested by its actual demographic too! I don't believe in all this rubbish about baking being girly, it's a tradition that whenever I'm there - it's baking time!

So after Saturday was filled with presents, food, shopping and games I decided to do the baking on Sunday morning...8.30am to be precise! He's an early riser... Anyway he loved the set when he opened it and all the little things that came in it, which includes: a blue gingham apron, wooden spoon, wooden rolling pin, spaceship cutter, star cutter, whisk, Spaceboy cupcake cases and recipe book which all came inside the cutest little Spaceboy case - he actually thought it was a lunch box to begin with and I guess it could well be used as one after.

So anyway, we decided to make both cookies and cupcakes, much to his delight, so we could test out everything in the case. First we made the cookies, chocolate with white chocolate chunks, his favourite bit was rolling out the dough and using the cutters - whose isn't? I sometimes find cutters and rolling pinks etc to be a bit big and clunky when it comes to little hands using them but these were absolutely fine and he managed to do it all by himself. I was surprised that they kept they're shape well and still looked like spaceships and stars when they came out of the oven which is always a bonus.


While these were cooking we decided to start on the cakes, we made some simple vanilla cakes with runny icing. When it comes to baking, as I said his favourite parts are basically mixing and eating, so it was really handy to have a whisk small enough for him to use that meant he didn't slosh all over the worktop and me! He even managed to spoon the mixture into the Spaceboy cupcake cases without too much spillage either, he'll soon be better than the rest of us! He was very good and patient while they were cooking and cooling may I add...he was very proud of this.

Next came the fun bit, decorating! I will admit that I put the icing on in a conveyor belt fashion giving them to him to scatter on the sugar stars and place on the plate..and every ten seconds ask if he can have a 'sneaky one' before we take them in. You know that boy is my brother, all he wants to do it eat cake! He's always so proud when he bakes something so needless to say to the baking set was a hit, a normal one would have been too - but a space themed one just about made his life I think.

So if any of you out there have or know little boys who love baking too then this would be a sure fire hit, you can get them from Dotcomgiftshop for £12.95.

Josh's verdict? - AMAZING! Pin It Now!


  1. Awwwww - that's what it's all about - sharing the baking love. Looks like he did really well - you'll soon have to share your blog with him!

    1. I'm tempted to start up his own little feature for our posts :)

  2. We have the apron with that print, I absolutely love the design. Only problem is that it quickly got damaged where you folded it up to put away. I was delighted when someone included a new one in a box of goodies from some brand or another!!


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