Sunday, 2 February 2014

Robot Doughnut Cake.... Of Course

Another year, another year of co-worker's birthday cakes. I do so love making the quirky ones, and especially a cake that looks like some other form of food, I don't know why - I just love that.

This cake was for my friend Laura, last year I made her the zebra print cake with chocolate robots, two of her favourite things. So this year I decided that I would make a cake that looks like her other favourite thing...a doughnut!

I couldn't miss out the robots altogether though so I of course still made some, out of white chocolate and painted them up to be all sparkly with some edible metallic silver paint. Which by the way DO NOT get on your hands, they've obviously added black food colouring to it to darken it up and it looked like I'd dipped my fingers in tar.

So for the doughnut, I decided to make a pink sponge, I mean, if it's going to be a doughnut then why not pink inside right? I made two layers and using a knife I cut out the middle so it'd be a cute ring doughnut and sandwiched them with jam and dirty iced them with vanilla buttercream.

Using a little of Sugarcraft's Dark Brown colouring gel I made up some doughnut coloured fondant and using Wilton's Pink colouring gel I made the pink fondant for the frosting. Covering the doughnut and getting inside the middle was tricky but the rest was super easy.

For the frosting I basically rolled out and cut out a big wavy circle and cut out a smaller circle in the middle. The sprinkles were really easy, I just piped coloured icing into strands and dotted them all over to really make it looks like a doughnut from The Simpsons. 

I added a few of the chocolate robots, loaded up her cake, flowers and presents into the little Figaro and got on my way!

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  1. Wow - Homer Simpson would love that cake!
    Didn't the robots come out well? That silver really looks like metal


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