Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Seriously Girly Birthday Cake!

OK, I have been bad with posting over Christmas, so I'll make up for it and catch you up. Since I last wrote it has been my best friends birthday. She has been my best friend for the past 9 years so she deserved a brilliant cake as a little surprise!

I bought a lovely book called Cake Chic over Christmas and all of the cakes were impossibly pretty and girly, and I couldn't decide which one to do so I chose a few and merged them. Inspired by cameo cakes I ordered a silicone mould off eBay.

So for the seriously girly cake I made a two tiered victoria sponge cake with pink raspberry buttercream. I iced it with fondant coloured with Sugarflair paste in Claret.

For the cameos I filled the mould with white fondant so it covered the whole of the mould on the outside too, then placed it in the freezer for 15 minutes. When frozen I popped it out and cut around it so it was in an oval shape. And repeated this about 8 times. For the frame and bows I mixed cocoa powder into white fondant and added a little black icing to get a darker brown. I also had icing dots to add on the brown icing frame, but did this when on the cake as they would get ruined when pressed onto the cake. I then piped the pearls on, did some looping piping inbetween the cameos and adding some silver balls to make it a bit fancy. These went onto the bottom tier.

For the top I used a button effect. Mixing separate colour of pink, chocolate and plain in icing, I rolled the icing out and using different sized icing nozzles, cute out circles, then using a smaller one I indented an outline on the cut out to give the button look. Then I pushed a toothpick in four times for the holes, and there you go buttons.

For extra effect I made some lilac icing and rolled it out into strips, and using a toothpick I made a stitch pattern along the sides so it looked like ribbon.  Then laying the ribbon over the top tier so it looked like a wrapped up present I put four buttons inbetween each ribbon piece, and also on top inbetween and then one on the join. I did make a bow to put on top but it broke!

I then went for some old school fancy piping to look like pearls inbetween the ribbons. It look ages! But happy as it looks cute! At the bottom of each tier I piped more pearls around the base so it looked a bit like a necklace. I then dusted it all with shimmer so it looked glittery! Pin It Now!


  1. The buttons and cameos are inspired - such an elegant effect

  2. wow thanks :) Used a silicone mould from eBay, fill em up with fondant, pop them in the freezer and they pop out perfect! :)


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