Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cake Pops! Heaven On A Stick!

I first heard about cake pops about a year ago, thought they sounded interesting but never got round to researching them more. But now it seems they are everywhere, and some are seriously cute so I'm quite jealous. So of course I decided to give them a go, I didn't use anyone's recipe as they were all American that I could see, a tub of frosting etc....but I need actual measurements I'm really picky with that. So I kind of just made it up and luckily - it worked out!

First I crumbled one Victoria Sponge - medium sized (4 egg recipe) into a bowl so it looks like bashed up biscuits. They say chocolate cake holds together better but I thought I would keep it easy and stick to the classic one. There will be a few bigger lumps, but this just gives it a bit more texture, and don't trim away the golden egde, these were originally made from cake scraps so keep some of the history in there!

You then mix buttercream into the cake crumbs. I mixed together 35g butter and 75g icing sugar, I then coloured it with Pink Sugarflair Colouring Paste to look bright against the coating. Mix all of these together and well combined. Now start adding the buttercream to the cake crumbs, don't add it all at once as you may not need all of it, and once you add the buttercream and mix can't take it back, so just do it bit by bit. You want it to still be fairly crumbly, but that it can be formed into a ball and hold together.

I rolled them into balls (ping pong ball size) and stick them in to freezer for 30 minutes, some say not to as the covering will crack, mine didn't though so go for it. Using white lollipop sticks (eBay £3.20 for 50 ish) you gently twist them in about halfway, then I melted some white cake covering chocolate as it cools quick, dip them in, only once! and give them a brisk twizzle to get off the excess and swirl the pop slowly for 10 seconds or so until more set, I then placed them in a mug in the fridge to set properly.

It really wasn't that difficult, thankfully, I used a little too much buttercream in mine so they were bit rich but still gorgeous! If you want to add sprinkles etc then do that fairly soon after dipping (but not straight away!) or you can add icing or melted chocolate drizzles when cool. You can also accessorize with little bows or alternatively place them upside down in petite four cupcake cases for a posh look!

And eat!!! Nom! Pin It Now!


  1. I've yet to dip a toe in the waters of cake pops...I fear that once I start I won't be able to stop.
    Yours have come out beautifully - I particularly love the pink one!

  2. Your cakes pops turned out so pretty! I also really like the pink one. :-)

  3. they were all that colour inside :) think it was a little tooo pink maybe, thinking some nice pastel lavender:) new obsession beginning!

  4. I've never made cake pops as they are so cute I know I wouldn't be able to resist. Adorable and delicious!

  5. I never thought mine would actually look like what they are meant to! you should definitely try they were a lot easier than I imagined and you can really go to town on the decoration x


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