Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oslo Seafood Festival and Around Town

We're still in Oslo and really felt the need to get out a bit this weekend for a bit of distraction. There was a seafood festival going on by the docks in Oslo so thought we would head down and check it out. I've experienced many things on public transportation, but this must top them all. Every school and town have their own brass bands (these were from Bestum - my nan's area), they love it, you often see them practising or in parades. But one thing you don't often see is them practising on the tram into town.

It started off with about 5 members, then with every stop more got on and joined in the playing. Everyone loved it and even the driver stopped announcing the stops as everyone was listening and joining in the band, it really makes me miss living here. Check out the couple dancing at the back in the video!

Ok so back to the seafood festival. I love seafood, I could eat it every day and there is something special about seafood in Norway. We quite often have nights with bags full of king prawns, lemon, mayo and bread - and a huge bowl for all the shells - nom! You come in to a big white tent and it is filled with seafood, rows of salmon being cooked, mussels in net bags, stacks of king crab legs and pots of king prawns with a wedge of lemon and sachet of mayo. For the adventurous there was even whale burgers, which actually a lot of people eat here (even the man opposite me when we sat down), you could even get your sushi made right in front of you - could have stayed all day, no problem.
Sorry a lot of photos!

But we thought we'd have a little walk around Aker Brygge where it was all happening, it's where a lot of the rich and famous live, a lot of people even have their boats moored up. I always love the buzz this place has got, there's always something going on and you get some really nice photos too.

After a bit of walking we headed for a quick dinner at a Mongolian restaurant, Mr Hong I've heard a lot about - a family favourite. There was even a little pond running through with goldfish, bridges and Buddahs! It was nice just spending the day in town it always brings the unexpected!

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  1. That video is brilliant!! Love seafood too and your pictures look amazing. I visted Oslo many years ago - I would like to make a return trip just to eat the food :)

  2. what a gorgeous array of seafood. It looks like you're getting much better weather there than you would be back home!


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