Sunday, 20 May 2012

Baking Buys - Sew White

Now this may seem like a sponsored post, but I assure you that it's not, I just love the products! A little while ago a work friend told me about their website and I instantly fell in love. I could spend so much money on this site I actually had to restrain myself. What I really love is that they're on Twitter, which enabled me to contact them to ask about stock.

All of the products are so reasonably priced I don't have to hunt on eBay to find a good deal. They sell bakeware, homeware, kitchenware, aprons, stationary, crafts and sewing items, candles, bags and lots more. The silicone moulds section is probably my favourite to browse through and I'm gutted there's a few things I forgot to add to my basket, will have to go on the next order :D. I've been after some new cameo moulds for a while and asked if they would be getting some in, lucky for me they had actually inquired about it so it was just to wait for the stock to come and go online. I've been holding back on ordering anything until they came in, I also couldn't help adding some other items to my basket :D

I was only expecting the normal classic cameo but was so surprised to see all kinds pop up, flowers, bows, presents and even cupid! I do have the classic cameo at home so thought I'd try something different, I bought; the bow, the lovebirds, cupid and the rose. I can't wait to get these tried and tested onto a post, I think I'll use the rose and the bow the most as they feature the most on my cakes. Along with these I also bought the small chocolate button mould and also the large chocolate tag mould.

 I think buttons always look so cute and along with going on treats they also make great gifts on their own. Here I've made a cute little treat bag, it could have done being a bit fuller, this was one full tray of buttons so I think using two would look really nice, brilliant for wedding favours don't you think?

 I also made some tags, they come with messages like; homemade for you, eat me, with love, happy birthday etc and also some blank ones so you can add your own message. I think these are such a nice touch when you give a baked gift, you'll see some featured on giant cupcakes in the future!

Some of my other 'to order' products are; the double sided macaroon mat, crown cookie cutter (perfect for the Jubilee) and the vintage style picnic cutlery. Pin It Now!


  1. So cute - and I love the idea of edible tags. I've always thought it a failing of gift tags...that you couldn't eat them!

  2. I've had my eye on the edible gift tags for a while. Just couldn't justify spending more after my spree at Cake International recently! Love Sew White too!

  3. Oh yes, love those buttons and tags best of all, such a lovely idea for gifts. This lot ought to keep you happy for a while! Off to investigate Sew White now - hadn't heard of them before.

  4. OMG why did you tell me about that site. There are so many things on there I want!!!! I can't afford to buy them either =( Really want those polka dot tins though!

  5. These are fab - but like Em said, why did you have to tell us about this site. I checked it out and had to come away - otherwise I would have spent loads :(

    Have nominated you for some blog awards. The details are at

    Happy blogging :)

  6. Thanks for the info on this site, I am going to take a look now. I always buy my buttons from Marks but this way you can make your own.

  7. Love these - they are so cute!

  8. Hello. I am new to your blog (via Cakes Crusader) and love it. I have the same gift tag mould. It's great, isn't it? Do you temper your chocolate?

    1. I have to say I haven't tried tempering yet but will do soon for the teacake moulds! Scary!!


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