Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy 17th May - Norway's National Day

So yesterday was the 17th May, a big day for us vikings, Norway's constitution day - so we celebrate!! The last time we were there for the big day was 2009 and I so wish we could have gone this year. I love being in Oslo for it, there is a massive procession for all of the schools and their brass bands (oh yes I was in one!) and they all march up the streets to the palace where the royal family stand on the balcony and wave. Everyone's in their national costumes, stuffing their faces with ice cream, hot dogs and generally having a good time. 

Here are some pictures from when we were there last, it was the day after Norway won Eurovision so it was extra special!

The above two pictures are of my mum and my nan and and then my nan and me (I was blonde!). As you can see I do have my own national costume, usually each county has their own, and they're extremely expensive but you get one for life. My mum is amazing at dressmaking and made all of our when we were younger (you can see me in blue above), and actually see hers and my nan's in these pictures too. Mine was made last minute when I asked if I could have one for the trip. It may not be completely official or belong to a county but I love that we designed and made it together, I now want an embroidered one too :D! 

Normally we always take the day off and do something fun if we can't be there in person. The last two years we've gone to Thorpe Park but there's a lot going on at the moment so it didn't feel right to go again. So instead we thought we'd have the day a bit more relaxed. I surprised my mum with a big Norwegian breakfast complete with egg, bacon, Jarlesberg, smoked salmon and danish salami. They always start the 17th with a big breakfast so I thought this would be a nice surprise and she loved it.
We then spent the day looking around shops, stopping for cake and icecream, finishing off the day with a Norwegian salmon dinner followed by our favourite film Elling, again in Norwegian. After which I made some cake pops, 

I couldn't resist making something on a special day like that. I thought I would some of the bits in my last Baking Buys post and went for the red, white and blue theme, quite royal and patriotic. You will also see these popping up in my guest post on Philosophy and Cupcakes but slightly adapted to turn them into Jubilee Cake Pops, perfect for any street party!

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  1. The cake balls are beautiful. Love them all arranged like that on a stand.

    Nice costume!

    1. These cake pops are a bit smaller than my norm so they fitted on the stand nicer :)

  2. love the cakes and the pictures!!

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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