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Scandinavian Waffles - Norwegian Bake Of The Month

I'm trying to make a post I do every month, it did start at Old School Bake Of The Month...but it didn't really feel right so I stopped, but I have noticed there are a lot of my grandmother's recipes I want to share, I also have piles of recipes I gather every time I visit, which has been a lot I've collected a few! I think I might actually do two this month as Norway's national day is on the 17th of May and they love to eat cake then so I can't really ignore it :D

This recipe is a favourite in our house, it is my grandmother's own recipe as is the only one we use in our house, anything else would be sacrilegious...she would know! A lot of people think of waffles as big fluffy creation topped with piles of ice cream...wrong! Those are Belgian, and completely different. Scandinavian waffles are denser, gorgeous and commonly topped with jam, brown goats cheese (not my favourite might I add) and my favourite - butter. You can also add normal waffle toppings like maple syrup and ice cream though so don't worry if that is what you like.

Waffle makers are quite easy to find in the UK, my mum has had hers for a long time and my grandmother bought me one a few Christmases ago as a thank you for traveling with her to ours for the festive season, she remember me saying how much I really wanted one and sent it back with my mum when she traveled back with her. My mum hadn't used hers in a while though so we decided it was her turn to bake.

My sister-in-law had never had these before, which is shocking as she's been in our family for 11 years! We always seem to make them on random evening when the urge takes us, you just can't beat them. And it's worth noting, that many people don't know our secret ingredient is ground cardamom, it's hard to find here in England though, you might have luck in Asian food shops as they use it a lot but we have yet to find it...let me know if you do! It really make a difference to the recipe, well to us anyway as we can always tell if we forgot to put it in! Please forgive some of the measurements, Norwegians often measure ingredients in units of deciliters (dl), which is 100ml - rather than just grams, I always say I'll convert it but as it's my grandmother's recipe I won't touch it!

Makes 8 - 10

100g butter, melted and extra for greasing
4 eggs
4-5 tbsp caster sugar
5 dl plain flour, sifted

5dl whole milk
1/2 tsp ground cardamom


1. Pour the butter in a large mixing bowl and combine all of the other ingredients in the bowl at the same time. I always think this is a mad method but with some good whisking (electric) it does all mix it. Don't worry if there are any lumps though as when it goes in the iron it really isn't noticeable. 
2. Leave the batter to stand for about 30 minutes to allow it to swell and thicken.
3. Turn on the waffle iron and when it's hot spread on some butter, if you don't the batter will stick...and it makes the waffle even more buttery when it comes out, nom.
4. You'll see the iron lid rise up as the waffle cooks, basically it's trial and error to see if it's beautiful and golden, if not, place the lid back down and give it some more time. Some irons have a light that changes when it's cooked but even they're not always spot on so just keep checking - it won't affect the cooking.
5. Eat! Best eaten when warm in my opinion, choose your topping and enjoy. Nom!

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  1. I might have to get a waffle maker... I was in Amsterdam recently and we ate lots of waffles there, they were lovely! I want to make them again for my boyfriend but don't think there's any way without a waffle maker... is there?

    1. I have seen people make them in griddle pans, quite large then so more like a sharing waffle. But I love the heart pattern, I'm always on the look out for vintage irons as they have amazing patterns! x

  2. omg they look so good!!!!

  3. Yum they look fab - I;ve never had proper homemade waffles :(

  4. I've never made waffles - eaten loads in Belgium, but that's not quite the same thing!
    Your waffles look like pretty, tasty flowers!

  5. I love waffles! Thanks for sharing your grandmother's recipe with us - I'll give it a try. I remember your Old school bake of the month - quite nostalgic! Love the idea of family recipes too :)

  6. how adorable! the waffle looks so good and I love waffles..

  7. Still loving the waffles! Just wanted to tell you that I have an award for you on my blog


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