Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Has everbody heard about the bird?

Right before I completely launch into song I will actually tell you about the bird...cake!

Another co-worker's birthday means another giant cupcake, this is the last one for a while so I wanted to make it a good one. This was my third cake from last week's 'cake week' and for my friend Vicki who is an illustrator by trade so wanted to make it a bit different :) I actually got the idea for this cake from a recent copy of 'Mollie Makes' magazine in a lino printing section.

The sponge is chocolate, everyone loves chocolate cake on their birthday don't they? The bottom part is covered in white fondant and the top in pink vanilla buttercream using a 1M nozzle in the rose design. For the design I decided to with teal and purple for the main colours, teal being birds and flowers and purple for hearts. I made the birds using cookie cutters and piped the pattern on with royal icing. Plungers are my favourite tools at the moment, makes making extra decoration easier and in mass! You can never have too many flowers or hearts can you? For the final touches I added some white chocolate hearts, coloured sugar balls and a pink ribbon. What was really nice was that the cake ended up matching the card too :D I'm a sucker for celebrating, I love decorating desks, making cakes and really drawing attention to people, this one had to be no different...I'll be unbearable when the forbidden festive word comes round!

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  1. That is so lovely! Delicate, classy and cute. You can never go wrong with chocolate cake! Xx

  2. another gorgeous cake there! it could be a twitter cake if you changed the colours a bit.....although I don't know why anyone would want a twitter cake...xxx

  3. This giant cupcake looks so gorgeous! Chocolate cake is always my fav and of course, I'll be happy too having this beautiful cake for my birthday.

  4. Wow this looks amazing! Love the colour palette too :)

  5. Looks stunning, I like the way you have swirled the buttercream onto the cakes. Beautiful x


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