Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Very Sexy Cupcake...

I do love birthdays in my office, there's always an excuse to make cake! This cake in particular I was very excited about...and I'm sure you can guess why :D

This giant cupcake was for a lady in my office and after some researching I soon found out what to put on it. I got very clear instructions, David Beck and Matthew McConaughey had to be the main feature....yay! I have to say trawling the internet for these half naked (tried fully luck!) men really wasn't punishing work, might have been my favourite project so far.

I decided that the rice paper route would be the best to go down for this cake, and have them literally coming out of the cake in a very 'Magic Mike' stripper fashion, you can never have too much of that on a cake right?

So the cake in question, was chocolate - who doesn't like chocolate cake for their birthday? The 'case' part was covered in ivory fondant and the middle and 'top' were covered and piped with lilac vanilla buttercream (dyed with grape violet sugarflair colouring paste). For the front of the cake I cut out her name 'KIM' in fondant and the letters in gold Dr.Oetker edible spray, I also cut out some stars for the ultimate stripper effect.

Becks and McConaughey got pride of place above her name and the whole cake got a generous dusting of gold edible cake glitter and after being tied up with a gold bow it was ready to be devoured! Luckily the birthday girl loved it and I am informed that the pair have been kept and have yet to be eaten, just oggled for now :)

And as you can see we take great delight in decorating desks...and computer desktops :)

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  1. Awesome! How did you print on rice paper? Have you got one of those edible dye printers?

    1. I wish! Got it done through someone on eBay and sent out x

    2. How much that cost you? Coulda done with that =)

  2. That's really genius! I never thought of using rice paper for the prints. The cake is very sexy!

  3. Im so doing this for a friend! Did the cut out stick up easy enough or did you have to use something?


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