Monday, 23 July 2012

Chocolate 24th Birthday Giant Cupcake

There's gonna be a few of these giant cupcake posts this week, I haven't done any in what seems like a million years - so I'm happy I've got a few to put up.

Of course I still carried the same theme through and made a chocolate sponge topped with chocolate buttercream, the smell driving it over there was heavenly! 

Now this cake was made before I went on holiday, and for one of my oldest friends 24th birthday, Vici. Last year I made her the chocoholic cake, but it was quite massive and she wasn't able to finish it all! So this year I made a more reasonable sized giant cupcake, still loads left over after our aptly named 'cake o'clock' feast.

I'm really loving the chocolate and pink theme at the moment, if you can tell! I made pink fondant for the bottom and decoration with Claret Sugarflair colouring paste, feeling much braver since my last attempt with the textured rolling pin I gave it another go. And it worked! For decoration I made fondant rolled roses out of ivory fondant with pink leaves using a plunger cutter.

Needing more delicate lettering I decided against the blocked numbers as they looked a bit clunky on a little cake, instead I made them by hand with fondant so I could curl them into a curly font.

I also added some white and pink sugar pearls, white chocolate stars and an insane amount of edilbe cake glitter, you can never have too much!! All tied up with a cute pink bow and it was ready to eat, nom!

Giant cupcakes are a great present to give, although figuring out how to cut them up can sometimes be challenging - we always get the hang of it though :).

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  1. I love your giant cupcakes and this is no exception. Love the chocolate and pink too and no you can never have too much cake glitter! ps your cookies are working fine but the link to your privacy policy isn't.

  2. Another fantastic giant cupcake! It's my Mum's birthday next week and i'm having a hard time deciding what kind of cake to make her. I'm thinking about trying a giant cupcake, but I've never made one before, any tips? I have a giant silicon cupcake pan I have never used.

    1. Thank you! I also have the silicon pans. You really need to grease the pans, they can stick so it's best to grease them up, and wait until fully cool and they should just pop out. Mine always take about an hour to cook, although the top part takes a bit less. I use a 6 egg victoria sponge mix always and put a bit more than half in the base so it gets as tall as possible x

    2. Awesome! thanks so much I'll let you know how it goes :)


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