Monday, 2 July 2012

Wedding Party Cake Pops

It's been a crazy few weeks, and we've all been looking forward to my brother and his wife's wedding party at the weekend. It was a great excuse for everyone to get back together again and for all those who couldn't make the wedding join in some of the fun too.

Of course with me when there's a party it always means one thing - cake! I loved doing the wedding cake and cake pops for the actual wedding so I thought it was a great excuse to make some more.

The sponge itself is chocolate, crumbed and mixed with white chocolate ganache. One rolled and chilled I dipped them in milk chocolate and decorated with pink sprinkles, pink chocolate curls, white chocolate stars and lots of pink cake glitter.

I really wanted it to look special, as they'd hired their favourite pub for the party I thought I'd stick with the theme and used pint glasses to display them. I know that doesn't sound too special, but I did stuff them with white and star-patterned tissue paper and tied the glass with white and pink ribbon with silver bells and wedding ring decorations on. The finished product looked really good and I think in the end I made about 70 - I think my little brother and niece had about four each!

I really am going to try to make more cake pops, I think they're my new favourite - and it is my niece's birthday next week...there might be a few kicking around there too :)

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  1. Your cake pops always turn out so beautifully. love the use of the pint glass. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it on the day - not just the kids!

  2. I love the cake pops presentation - they look lovely.


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