Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Choccywoccydoodah London!

So continuing on from my last post, I promised to tell you properly about the London branch of Choccywoccydoodah, the first is in Brighton which I visited and loved in November so couldn't wait to snoop around the new shop on Fouberts Place, just off Carnaby Street, London. What's great about this new shop is that they have a cafe right upstairs, now instead of tearing open your chocolate treats in a scene from something the day after lent, you can dig into some tempting treats in a quirky room, with a nice view...and forks...not your bare hands! Unless you really want to of course.

The shopfront itself is impressive and stands out against the rest of the buildings, dark and strong but with bold colours and glitter bursting through the gaps to draw you in along with the alluring smell of chocolate. If your a Choccywoccydoodah fan then you would have seen the episodes from last Christmas where they had the glamour-puss lady in the Brighton window, a new daring type of Christmas window but it definitely worked and going into the London store you're greeted by a lovely chocolate lady that could easily be the glamour-puss' sister! Although I suspect actually the evil queen in Snow White rather than a Christmas shopaholic. I became instantly jealous of her hair and dress - which is ridiculous....she's chocolate....I still want them though.

So anyway, you walk straight onto a big and beautiful table of chocolate and cake, tempting chocolate gifts and the stunning Snow White display. After many of my hours have been devoted (forced by niece) to watch Snow White, I couldn't help but have a good ogle. Evil queen, Snow White, castle, mirror mirror and of course the poisoned apple, it all looked amazing and could easily have gnawned on one of the castle's towers - don't worry I restrained myself - just.

Tearing myself away I had a good nose around the rest of the shop, I'm loving the chocolate ladies at the moment and the land girl really caught my eye, I loved her, red lips, tiny waist and a gingham bust - what more can you want in a land girl? On every little display around the shop and on shelves on their own too sits cakes, many, many cakes. You really can't understand how beautiful these cakes are until you see them for yourself. Everywhere you turn you see a new cake, and grow a little more hungry.

As you can imagine big cakes are really their thing, tall, pretty and every inch is chocolate. Decorated in flowers, hand painted letters, cute Westies, huge hearts and glittery roses. I REALLY WANT A GLITTERY ROSE! Sorry, got that out of my system now. One day I will have one of these cakes, I just have to - I'd rather have one of these cakes than a car...I wish I was lying. But anyway, don't worry if you can't afford or need a huge cake right now as you can actually get smaller ones to take home for as little as £34.99, or you can buy a figure, a gnome perhaps?

Or maybe a duck or love bird? There's lots of options to make sure you don't go home empty handed. And if those are still a bit too big for you stomach or handbag then you can even take little treats home (to eat in secret so you don't have to share), chocolate lollies, chocolate marshmallow slabs, chocolate popcorn slabs (these looked incredible, must get one next time!) or even just jars of treats or buttons - there is actually something for everyone.

Now we couldn't leave without visiting the cafe upstairs...would have been rude not to wouldn't it? It was an absolutely boiling day but we just couldn't visit without trying something. There's a whole beautiful table full of gorgeous cakes, brownies, tiffins...everything really. And as for drinks there's hot chocolates, milkshakes and even proper lemonade. If you're feeling extra indulgent you could always try the banana split - it sounded epic. But as we were in chocolate heaven we decided to share a slice of chocolate cake, I say slice, it was in fact like a wedge out of one of those giant Jarlsberg cheese's you see in Tesco. It also came with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis, I thank the chocolate Gods for this, ice cream with cake that day seemed like the best invention ever. Not feeling like we could finish a milkshake in a Man vs Food style we opted for a safe pink lemonade which was so refreshing and just what we needed.

 Now the cake, as I said it was a good big slice, drizzled with helpings of molton chocolate, if you worried that a shop so big on the decoration wouldn't deliver on the actual cake then worry now more - gorgeous. The whole place in painted in its famous red colour with individual and purposefully wonky lampshade which I thought fitted into their 'square peg round hole' theme perfectly. I wish I took note of our waitress' name in the picture below as she was lovely too :)

I have to say I was very sad to leave and if I lived close I could easily imagine popping in regularly to satisfied my big need for a) chocolate and b) cake.

Long live Choccywoccydoodah!

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  1. I love watching choccywoccydoodah on tv, but was a bit disappointed when we visited the Brighton shop at Easter. I thought it was a little over priced for what tasted like average chocolate (didn't try the cafe though, so that may have been different). We also tried Montezumas and Hotel du Chocolat, which are literally a few doors away, and thought Montezumas was the best. Choccywoccydoodah's strength is the fantastic cake designs, but sadly they would be out of my price range. Mind you, none of this would stop me going back, or trying the London store! ;)

  2. whoa!! I read this whole post with wide eyes, thinking to myself 'I want one of those, and one of those, oh and some of that chocolate cake'. Pretty sure I couldn't leave the store without a pink chocolate gnome, how cute are they!! It looks like so much fun, thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this place! I didn't try the cafe though so will have to make another visit next time.


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