Thursday, 20 September 2012

In Nature Teas - Pure Red Rose Flower Black Tea Review

Okay, confession time and I feel in the cake world it's kind of a big deal...are you ready?.... I've never had a cup of tea, not a full one anyway.  I always think they will taste kind of ...old? An irrational fear I know. I don't like coffee either but I've always wanted to be able to drink tea, can get a bit awkward asking for squash all of the time.

So when In Nature Teas contacted me asking if I'd like to try them I kind of saw it as an opportunity to face my tea demon! I thought that maybe with real tea it would be different, so when a box of Pure Red Rose Flower Black Tea* arrived at my door I decided to man up, and drink a bloomin' cup of tea! This being real tea, eg. loose leaf tea from China I realised I could use a strainer, I know you don't really have to but I kind of love the idea of doing it old school - fancy cup, loose leaf tea, strainer - done!

So, after psyching myself up for my first cup I read the instructions - yes I know this sounds mad but with loose leaf tea you have to treat it a bit more delicately, the water couldn't be over 85C and I got to test this with my new chocolate thermometer, it actually only took a couple of minutes after boiling the kettle to reach this temperature. They do suggest you use clean mineral water to boil with to get the most out of the tea.

So there I was, cup of 85C water at the ready, I placed 1 1/2 spoons of the tea in the strainer, and there was actually little flowers in the bag! I actually found this fact really exciting, everything was pointing to the fact that I was going to like this cup. Okay so after the excitement about the flowers died down I closed the strainer and left it in the water for about 4 minutes as recommended. I probably could have left it in longer but I didn't want to be too brave too soon!

It actually smelled really lovely and although I was cautious, I tried it...and you know what? I actually really liked it! Me! Drinking tea! Now it's getting colder too I could actually see myself indulging in a cup of special tea more frequently...with cake of course ;) Try them out and be surprised! Pin It Now!


  1. Tea is awesome. I think I may feel differently about you now............(just kidding of course, but really, never?! That's pretty impressive)

  2. I love tea, especially "posh" tea like the one you reviewed. Glad you enjoyed it x

    1. I'm trying to get into drinking it, it was really nice :) x

  3. Lovely review, I could not do it as well.


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