Sunday, 10 February 2013

Old Hunstanton Weekend & The Lodge (photo post)

Picture from their website

This weekend we were invited to go away for the weekend with some of our extended family for their birthday to Hunstanton and staying in Old Hunstanton. I've only ever been once before so it was nice to go back, even though it was cooooold it was still sunny and a nice weekend away. We stayed in The Lodge which was amaaaaaazing, great hotel, great food, great location - win, win and win. I also have to say the staff were lovely and helpful too which really makes somewhere stand out, no complaints at all.

My Instagram soon filled up with pictures of the seaside, food and more food. The night we got there we sat by an open fire drinking wine before going into the gorgeous dining room for dinner. The whole place kept a great balance between a Victorian hotel but with modern touches, high ceilings, big windows, log fires and modern and sleek bedrooms and contemporary interiors. We were going to explore other places to eat but decided to eat in as it was fully booked all the time but as we were staying we got a big table reserved for us, and we're glad we did as the food was brilliant.

After our wine by the log fire we moved into the dining room for our first dinner. We all decided to go for starters and mains. This was my downfall, considering I chose ribs for main...a starter was a bad choice for me as they were both good portions so I really struggled! I had nachos to start which can be a bit hit and miss but the plate was full and covered in cheese, salsa, jalapenos and pots of soured cream and guacamole, best I've had.  So I then wished I had chosen something lighter...but the full rack of baby back ribs covered in sauce was really good, but far too much for me with a starter but impressive anyway, fell off the bone. Needless to say we didn't make it to dessert. Which is a shame as they looked yummy too.

Breakfast was just as impressive, normally you just get a choice between full English and cereal etc, but here we got unlimited toast, tea, coffee, juice etc. Then cereal, fruit, croissaints and then a choice of lovely breakfasts. I always judge a place by their poached eggs, some don't even offer this choice but I prefer them above all other kinds of eggs - you get it - I like poached eggs. I chose smoked salmon and poached eggs, you also get a huge portion of salmon compared to most places and it tasted beautifully too, not too salty but lovely and soft and almost pink - loved it!

We then spent a few hours walking down to Hunstanton beach, buying sweets, wasting money on the arcades and taking yet more pictures. All the sea air and hours of walking (can you tell I'm not used to it) really made us tired so we headed back to the hotel for some birthday cake.


 Unfortunately I don't really like coffee and walnut cake so I treated myself to a scone with cream and jam...look at the cream, it's like a Mr. Whippy!! Yes I just got excited by clotted cream.

Ok so after all the food and walking we went back to the room to sleep/play Temple Run 2 on the iPad and prepare for yet more food later. Learning from my previous mistake...sort of. I still had the nacho starter (it was that good), but I chose a smaller main. This time I opted for the gnocchi with cream and tomato pesto sauce which does sound heavy but it actually wasn't - it was delicious. Our table also ordered fish and chips and I thought it was a great touch that they served it with a piece of printed newspaper. I still couldn't face any dessert, I went to Hunstanton and not once did I have ANY icecream, what wizardry is this??

The next day after breakfast we went back down to get some bits from the town and decided to go to The Gin Trap for lunch as we heard it was nice. The truth however was a cold and empty pub with a barmaid that just stared at you constantly until you felt so uncomfortable that you eventually leave and go to the much friendlier 'The White Horse' in Holme-next-the-Sea. Which was warm, friendly and actually had other customers in it that even looked happy, so we decided to stay. I wish I'd taken a picture of the roast dinner as it looked epic and the yorkshire was the size of my head. I, however had fish and chips which was again huge! But so good, not greasy or oily but crisp batter, soft and flakey fish and it didn't make me feel sick after which is always a bonus! Enough to keep us going for the journey home anyway, I know it may have been ice cold and you couldn't exactly go sunbathing, but a trip to the seaside was just what I needed :)

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  2. Lovely photos - you were lucky with the weather.

    I know I'm supposed to be all about the cake, but that last photo of the fish and chips is making me drool!


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