Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Zebra Robot Cake....yep - that's what I said

So as some of you know, I always make a cake for my guys at work, we LOVE birthdays so we always make a big deal out of them because work can be hard, everyone needs a nice birthday. It reminds me of The Office (US) when Jim decides to roll all of the office birthdays into one and everyone revolts...because everyone loves their birthday!

This particular cake was for Laura, and Laura has two main loves - robots...and zebras. So of course this is what her cake had to feature. I've seen a few zebra print cakes online and thought they looked brilliant and not too difficult which was a bonus.

I covered the cake in white fondant as a base for the print and I used black fondant for the stripes. To get the look I rolled out the black fondant fairly thinly and cut it up with a pizza slice to get irregular stripes to look more realistic. Layering these on I again used irregular spacing and shapes so it didn't look too manufactured. This process was really easy and effective - has anyone else tried zebra print before? I was worried it would look a little plain but it actually turned out quite funky.

Now for the robots, I picked up a really great robot silicone mould from Sew White - one of my favourite online baking shops. Much easier than attempting to mould them and the detail is brilliant. I melted white chocolate into the mould and left it to cool which didn't take long. Then I painted the chocolate robots with edible silver paint I bought for Christmas baking, these gave them a great metallic look which made them look super cute!

I really wasn't sure how else to decorate the cake, it started to get a very mechanical and quirky feel so I decided on decorating the rest of the cake with liquorice all sorts which went really well with the theme. I really love the robot cake and can't wait to use the mould for more little goodies, robot cake pops perhaps?? Pin It Now!


  1. Robot and zebra? Strange but interesting combination... yet your cake can look so amazingly great!

  2. this is a great cake! I might have to have a go at doing a zebra print cake- my friend Kate is obsessed with animal print- she would LOVE this!x

  3. Brilliant - really loving the zebra look! :)

  4. Very quirky design but it works really well, lucky birthday girl!

  5. Love it! It's great when you can come up with a unique design totally appropriate for the recipient.

  6. Amazing cake.. I love it.
    What cake recipe do you use for your decorated cakes? I've tried a few different ones but I can't get the cake to stay together when levelling. Thanks great blog :)

  7. I didn't know how well a zebra and roboto motif would work! It works so well. Brilliant and usual :)


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