Sunday, 18 May 2014

Directions Hair Colour

I've been trying to get my hair the reddest I possibly can, especially since I've become a bit obsessed with rockabilly style. In the past I've tried every colour and have been using Olia 6.6 for a while which is the brightest it's been in a while. 

But then I discovered this semi-permanent colour everyone's been using so I thought I'd give it a go. It's called
La Riche - Directions, and while it's semi permanent they offer a wide variety of colours, from all the colours of the rainbow and there's definitely something for everyone.

I chose the shade 'Poppy Red' and bought four pots, you don't mix them with anything so they go straight on as they are - and I have a lot of hair so I thought I'd get four. I still topped by roots up with the Olio 6.6, but instead of going over the rest of my hair with it as I normally would, I washed and dried it (important, dont mix makes, always do them separate),  and then I applied 1.5 pots of Poppy Red. Left it on for about half an hour as I normally would, and freaked out when I washed it out.

It runs practically magenta, so don't freak out. When it's dried, all beautiful and shiny you'll see it's brilliantly BRIGHT RED! It was amazing to me, I've never had such red hair. I had to say I do have to top it up after two weeks as it's not permanent but to go from vaguely red to looking like Ariel bursting out of the sea I would say it's definitely worth it. I think I paid about £3.50 a pot, and then £7 for Olia, so not even £20 a month for bright red hair, what more could you ask for?


I did add a couple of filters, because, well, I'm a girl, but they barely effect the colour, it is actually that red. Buy it, buy it now. Don't wait! Perfect for my victory rolls I must say.
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  1. Beautiful color!!! You have not bleached it?
    I also have red hair like the picture before, just a bit darker, I hope to get your same result: D

    1. I don't bleach it, I've heard it can turn pink if you do. Let me know how it turns out!


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