Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer's Coming!

I'm not usually one to embrace summer, sunshine? Yes. Excessive heat? Naaaaaah. But I am definitely looking forward to some sun, so I did a little shopping to get me in the mood.

I got a little haul from Primark, I used to work there so I know how to dig out the gems and find the good stuff. My favourite buys were these sunglasses, perfect for driving in my Nissan Figaro no? Costing only £3 I couldn't resist, I have a bit of a sunglasses obsession every season. The next is this kimono costing £13, I'm not normally one for the pink floral Hawaiian theme but I'm kinda loving it this year. I actually bought it two sizes small as it's so big it wasn't an issue. 

I also found this cute pink and pineapple sleeveless top for only £6, you can't say no really. It kind of falls into the tiki rockabilly theme too so I couldn't put it down. 

I wore the pineapple top and sunglasses while going to a car boot in search of vintage finds...where I found this picnic hamper! Costing me only £6 I didn't think it was too bad, it's not lined or filled but I think I'll match it to my back seat cover I did in pale green and white polka dot and hopefully find some cute picnic crockery to fill it with.

I was in Southampton this weekend to visit some family and I love the shopping there, the center is great. My little brother is obsessed with Lush and their bathbombs, whenever I'm down I always get him some as a treat and he usually gets a bag full at Christmas time. I did however pick up some Gorilla solid perfume in the 'Lust' fragrance for myself £5. It basically smells like the shop itself, like fizzing bathbombs dipped in sherbert. Can't recommend it enough for a little dab of gorgeous smell. 

Cambridge really needs to get an Urban Outfitters, I only ever look at the home stuff and I do dream about owning one of their Crosley Record Players, but this time I settled for a new drinks container for work, I think it sums it up pretty well. £12 for something that makes me smile every day, totally worth it. 

The last of my purchases came from Bobb-In & Sew and Dunelm Mill, I bought some new fabric, the flower fabric came from Bobb-In & Sew which I'm going to make a top/dress with. The blue fabric was in the sale in Dunelm Mill, it's the same fabric as my back seat cover for my car so I might make another and sell it as I've had some interest in them and there's a really cute blue Figaro it would be perfect for.

Watch this space! Who else is looking forward to summer?
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