Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blue Dot Donuts, New Orleans

In America we all had certain things we all wanted to devour. For my brother it was ribs, my mum wanted fried green tomatoes and I wanted crawfish. My sister-in-law however really only wanted one thing while we wanted dozens, she wanted doughnuts. There had been a lot of research and one play my brother found on Tripadvisor with good reviews was Blue Dot Donuts in New Orleans on 
Canal Street, so there we had to go. We also discovered it was owned by three policemen, and there was even a policeman in there...we're such losers we wanted to take pictures of the poor man.

We took the trolley up, it only took about 15 minutes and was super easy, and let me tell you - you see some sights. It was brilliant as you start to go through some of the neighbourhoods and it's so interesting to see local guys coming on and off, love to people watch. The trolley stopped right by the shop and as soon as we crossed over to walk in a total stranger shouted over 'Buy some donuts! They're amazing!', as if we needed any more encouragement, we practically broke into a run. Crazy British (and one Norwegian) people that we are, when you see doughnuts from anywhere other than Greggs, you run. We had heard that they run out by 11am sometimes so we were there for 10am, not even that hungry after breakfast but we weren't going to miss out.

The shop itself is a cute little bright blue house, and it just sucks you in. We literally were like kids in a sweet shop. I have to be honest, the rest of us weren't too bothered about getting doughnuts, that is until you walk into the friendliest shop in the word and get the best service, things soon change. And the hunger awakens. 

So in we walked, totally confused on how things worked, no real reason I think we were just overwhelmed by the sheer amazingness of it all, yeah, that's a word. There were so many flavours we had to be talked through it a couple of times, I think they thought we were quite funny - you know the 'it's so fluffy' girl in Despicable Me? Yeah...that was us.

The first doughnut (I say first, because there were of course more to follow) I chose was the maple bacon log. By the point I was totally converted to maple syrup and I'm a strong believer in putting bacon with baking and wish England did it more. It was a good choice, no, an epic choice. So sweet I felt my fingers turning into sticks of rock but then you get hit by the saltyness of the bacon and it's just - wow, stupidly delicious. By now I was already overloaded with sugar by choosing one of the biggest dougnuts, I then of course needed to buy a box...yes I absolutely did. 

We met the owner, who I believe was called Ron, I did write the names of everyone down but I of course lost it. He was really lovely, kept giving us freebies just to try because we were so in awe of it all. He was so proud to show off their products, we actually had to refuse some in the end. Although he did give us a HUGE, and I mean a HUGE apple crisp cake donut.

 I'm pretty sure the box I bought only cost me something ridiculous like $3.50, I mean really?! I probably would have paid that for one, they got a big tip from us. We must have stayed for an hour just chatting to them, one of the bakers came down and showed me his dough boy tattoo..that's a true story. I just loved it there they were brilliant. 


I chose a blueberry iced, apple crisp, chocolate iced cake with peanuts, chocolate iced with rainbow sprinkles and then a couple of handfuls of donut holes - powdered sugar, apple fritter bites, cinnamon sugar, glazed and chocolate dough glazed.

Look they even do dog treats!

I so wish there were places like that here, don't get me wrong, we do have Krispy Kreme so it's not just doughnuts from Tesco, but that sort of customer experience doesn't exist here. Open a UK branch! I'll run it for you! I'd be lying if that one visit didn't make me want to move there and help them make doughnuts all day long....sigh.

Run, walk, ride, drive or fly like we did, just GO, seriously. Go now. 

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