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Mesh Sleeve M & Co Prom Dress and Victory Rolls

This weekend I had a leaving do to go to so of course I wanted something new to wear. I did have it in my mind that I wasn't going to spend any money but it wasn't completely out of the question...

I went into town in the morning with the Mothership for breakfast and to get some bits and she was looking for a dress so we went into M & Co. I'll be honest it would never usually have been my first choice of shop. No particular reason I just never venture far from Primark or New Look. I'm still in a student mentality where anything over £15 is just too much.  However, the last few times we've been there I have awe struck by the gorgeous dresses but didn't really have an excuse to buy one. They actually fit me too, getting anything in high street stores to fit a bust over a D cup can prove difficult. 

So when we were having a little browse I happened to find myself in the sale area and walking myself to the changing rooms with this beautiful little number. I love it because it reminded me a little of the style of dress Adele wore the the Brits when she sang 'Someone Like You', not that I remember or anything... I'm also a sucker for a black rockabilly dress.

 Sorry about dodgy Instagram photo

It was £30 in the sale down from £49, which considering it's labelled as a prom dress, is pretty decent in my books. The dress itself falls just below the knee, my favourite kind. It was light but still had a lot of body in the full skirt with an almost faux petticoat and had a lovely sweetheart neckline. I'm one of those who don't like their upper arms out too much so to find one with a mesh top with sleeves was perfect. Polkadots are my favourite pattern so that was a winner straight away and it also came with it's own belt to tie into a bow which was handy as I find I do need to belt dresses and my bust is bigger than my waist so I need to pull it in to keep its shape.

The zip went up really easily, I did need a second pair of hands to do the button at the top but I do think I could have done it up myself if I didn't have a second pair available. I just love the dress - and after seeing it on instagram one of my lovely followers snapped it up too! The only thing I had to add was a little modisty panel to my bra as I can be a little booby and it was a works do I wasn't sure how they'd hold up so I added it just in case. I'm starting to love sharing outfit posts so hopefully I'll continue to get braver. I get a lot of inspiration from the gorgeous Fuller Figure Fuller Bust - check her out, total lady crush. 

I teamed the dress with red lipstick, victory rolls and red heels. The lipstick is from the Kate Moss collection by Rimmel shade 1 (£3.99) outlined with Barry M's red lip liner (£2.99). I've started to team these two together and I'm loving the shape and full colour they give. I do like to have the choice to rub a lipstick off and this isn't one that will stay on and you have to practically scratch off your lips with a brillo pad (make up remover wipes usually do the trick though!), but it does hold up extremely well. 
Excuse the shameless selfies... #sorrynotsorry #yesihastaggedthat

For my victory rolls I usually use V05 Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray (£3.79) and go to town on it. I wanted a smoother look as I have noticed it can look a little wispy in places so I bought some V05 Soft Moulding Wax (£2.99) which actually way pretty good. I always think of wax as a product only boys use, but I found it helped with a bit of structure to the rolls and helped me control them a bit better. I was also able to brush it out when I woke up bleary eyed in the morning from the night before and could leave my friend's house to get to mine without looking like a total psycho indulging in a bath and collapsing in bed.

I always use Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner In Blackest Black by Maybelline (7.99), it's the only way I get my winged eyeliner shape and I like the control it gives, it also lasts all day which is always a winner. One pot usually lasts me about six months and I wear it every day sometimes re-applying if I'm going out so you can't argue with that. 

I do need to find some new heels though, these were just cheap ones I found online and when heading for the taxi one of the heels broke off! Luckily I have some flats in my bag so I didn't have to do the crazy tipsy uneven walk to the taxi rank, but I do need to find some that aren't too high but also have a strap across the top - any ideas?

This basically gives you an idea of how the night went...

Red Stag, my FAVOURITE

Image credits - Superdrug

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  1. Very pretty dress - I think the 50s was a great era for style and design


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