Sunday, 8 June 2014

Blue Plate Cafe, Memphis

While we were still in Memphis we obviously needed MORE FOOD. Diners there were everything you wanted them to be and more. While we hit The Arcade first, and I will say they did the best bacon in the world, next we stopped at the Blue Plate. We were told their breakfasts were phenomenal, and they were. If you left hungry, you didn't do it right.

I've never been one for the whole pancakes, syrup and bacon - until Memphis. It totally turned me. We all had a mammoth breakfast, my sister-in-law actually had two courses - how, I have no idea. 

The inside was really cute, bright and clean with lots of Gingham, the menus were even made like little newspapers, loved that.  We were served by Katrina who was lovely, had great hair and complimented mine too...I do like it when I get compliments on the victory rolls...yes I'm vain.

I ordered a mix of buttermilk pancakes and Eggs Benedict. The butter is always a bit strange in America, it's whipped which actually makes it very spreadable. I also drenched it in warm maple syrup, could not get enough!

My brother ordered a side of French Toast, this was apparently the best he'd ever had. It was like a door stop and smelled incredible.

This was the second course of my sister-in-laws breakfast, she did originally order it with waffles but they weren't happy with how this batch were turning out so weren't happy to serve them. I like their honesty and didn't just sent out bad food, so she ordered it with pancakes instead. Banana, whipped cream and pancakes, oh and of course, more butter. Man, I miss Memphis.

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