Friday, 13 June 2014

My First Week Of Summer

It's not even the weekend at the week has been pretty good so far if counting from last friday. The sun is finally out, I've been able to put the roof down in the Figaro (Elvis) almost every day which has been brilliant and when you have a convertible is kind what you live for. 

Sometimes it's the simple things in making your own hair clip. I've ordered some bits from Janine Basil which I can't wait to turn up, check her out I'll do a post when I get them. It got me inspired to make my own so I used an only cherries patch and I just glued it to a crocodile clip and it worked pretty well I must say! Looks very good done up with my victory rolls. I wore it out to drinks with my friend and it looked pretty sharp, I won't lie.

On the Saturday I saw my cousin for a couple of hours and she was visiting for the weekend to see One Direction so I met her for lunch. I also managed to pick up some bits from Primark and this cute dress which only cost £7 in the sale, no bad! I just can't wear short dresses so it's nice to see some slight longer lengths being stocked. The sun was out again so couldn't resist a quick selfie 
with Big Ben. 

I wasn't very well on Sunday so I didn't do much but we did start watching Orange Is The New Black so that's what I'll be doing for a little while, it is my new obsession. I did however clean my car in the morning and I quickly put up the new sun screen I got for my car...come on, you gotta love it!

I got the new Passenger vinyl delivered this week which is simply STUNNING! I will have to do a post just for that on it's own, the sound is beautiful and the artwork is gorgeous, never been so in love with a vinyl sleeve. 

Couldn't resist posting a classic dinner photo, I will never be able to be a vegetarian, I mean seriously look at them.  Ribs from The Golden Lion in St Ives.

I picked up these little beauties in Tesco has anyone else tried them? I'm not too good with lipstick for day wear and get on much better with tinted lip balms like these Maybelline Baby Lips, I bought Pink Punch, Cherry Me and Peach Kiss. They're really moisturising and taste great, new addition to the satchel.  Have a great weekend coming up no doubt there'll be pictures coming soon!

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