Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lukcy Dip Club - Get Involved!

So you may not have heard, there's this new club in town... 'What club?' I hear you ask...Why, the Lucky Dip Club of course! I found them on Instagram through some hashtaging and I'm never going back.

Each month has a cute theme and you basically get a box of items delivered to your door - you never know what you'll get but there's always something personalised in there just for you! This is what their website says: 

'Welcome to Lucky Dip Club a super fun world of handmade and vintage all packaged up into surprise monthly boxes created by me: Leona Thrift-ola.  Each month has a new theme and inside you’ll discover a piece of handmade jewellery, fun stationery, an ace accessory, an easy-peasy DIY kit and two thoughtful tokens all beautifully wrapped and packed to delight and inspire your month ahead. The cherry on top? One of the items every month will be personalised especially for you!'

And all for only £15 including delivery! I just loved this idea, I'd been too late to order their first box, the vintage floral one but I got in for their second, the Tropical Box. Check out what I found inside!

I loved the pineapple necklace with my name on, the cherry keyring (my favourite thing as you may know), the iron patch, stickers - well, all of it! Who doesn't like receiving presents? You get sneak peeks of the contents on Instagram but it may not be an item that you get as all the boxes have a variety of stuff. But! You can buy them separately afterwards and you can buy the box, which will then cost £25. 

You have to get in their quick though, it's only the 3rd and I've missed out on getting this months box - I recommend subscribing on a monthly rolling billing basis so you don't miss out - I will definitely be doing this from now on! This would also make a nice one-off present or 3 or 6 month subscription.

I love this club, it's featured in Mollie Makes and Betty Magazine this month and it's great to see a home business like this go from strength to strength which such a fanbase already, get involved - or miss out, like me :(  haha.
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  1. Love it - there's nothing better than buying something and then still getting a surprise. Presents for yourself...the best kind of present!


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