Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Lyme Regis, Victory Rolls, Pastels, Shopping and Food!


Last weekend was my niece's christening, my brother and sister-in-law got married in Lyme Regis and they spend a lot of time down there so it's a special place for them. So it was a natural choice to hold the christening there. It's a lovely town on the Jurassic Coast filled with beautiful views, cute beach huts, lovely seafood restaurants and quirky little vintage shops. There's a lot of pictures so keep scrolling down!



We had a horrific journey there, taking almost double the time - traveling on a friday in the summer holidays - bad choice. But we got there, staying at Rock Point Inn which is right by the sea and we upgraded to the penthouse which was a brilliant idea. The room is stunning with amazing views of the bays, exposed beams, a gorgeous bathroom with one of those rain shower heads - glorious. The only thing with the penthouse of course is that it's at the top...with no lift...and we don't travel light! To be honest the stairs weren't really an issue, good exercise and all that and totally worth it. 

We had a full day before the christening so we of course spent that day shopping, duh. As we've been there before we kind of knew where things were so we spent a good while going up and down the hills of shops. They have a lot of nice vintage shops, one in particular I was pointed in the direction of by a lady in Boots who said she liked my hair, I will never get tired of nice comments about the old rolls. I can't actually remember what it was called but it was attached to the post office. I didn't find any clothes but I did spot these second hand Tom Ford sunglasses, which I've come to love since seeing Kelly Osbourne wearing them all the time, while these aren't a version I've seen her wear I had to snap them up as soon as I saw them. 

Of course we had to stop for a cheeky clotted cream ice cream, they do it the best and couldn't resist a sneaky wine by the sea. After stumbling by some pastel coloured houses which I've now named Nissan Figaro Street we came across a sewing and fabric shop 'Sew-La-Di-Da'
of course we went in. 

All about the vintage they had lovely displays, fabric and their own patterns. With their own sewing school and making dresses to fit I couldn't hold back from buying some fabric. I chose this leopard and cherry print fabric, two of my favourite patterns and I've never seen it before - the last roll in the country apparently so I snapped up four meters, enough for a dress and maybe a little top. 

 I want a wardrobe like this...

There was a carnival and fireworks on the bay that night, we decided to stay in to watch it while I decorated the cake as we had an amazing view - which was perfect as it started to rain! 

I made a point of trying to wear a lot of my rockabilly dressed as I don't get much chances so that was nice, the wind however - not so much. Have to do that trick the Queen does and sew weights into her skirt. The morning of the christening we got all dressed and headed out for breakfast. We wanted to try out The Bakery, a lovely working mill where it's basically DIY breakfast with them baking in the background. All you can eat sourdough toast, boil your own eggs, homemade peanut butter, croissants so big I could only finish half of one - the shame. Bowls of jam and bowls of butter with glasses of natural apple juice and strong coffee. Which was amazing, even dressed in our finest - who cares?! Glam for breakfast, always. 

Because I love my hair and made a point of doing it every day here's some shameless selfies.

We had to leave soon after the christening as we had a long trip back. I also made her a white dress with beach hut ribbon for her present to match her cake. It's the first baby dress I've made, it took me ages but so worth it, will definitely make another!

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  1. What lovely photos - and I love the look of the fabric shop!


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