Sunday, 19 July 2015

Homemade Pink Tartan Circle Skirt

I've finally found a dress pattern for a circle skirt that I can make in an afternoon. I'm all about easy sewing, I do love the bigger dress projects too of course, but if it can be done in an afternoon for the next day? Perfect. 

The fabric is one I saw at a trade show and I fell in love with it. Luckily my sewing teacher was with me and she bought some for her shop (Bobb-In And Sew) so I was in luck. When it arrived weeks later I bought some straight away (along with the pattern). The pink/green pattern is a little unusual but I just love it.

So when I went in for a circle skirt pattern I knew this is the first garment I wanted to make. Usually the first time I make something from a pattern it takes me ages but even this one I still finished in an afternoon. 

See, it's done! The only thing I altered on this pattern was that I lengthened it as it was an couple of inches shorter than I liked. I love how full it is and that I got the pattern central. There are not many things that I put on and instantly think 'yep, love that'. I always want to alter them a touch, but as I made this, it was perfect.

I first wore it for a day in Cambridge with the Mothership and I've never been stopped so many times by strangers to say how nice I looked, it was really lovely. I teamed it with a white Bardot top and a wide black waist belt - both from Primark and had pincurled my hair so I felt extremely 1940s. I have since seen a Viven Of Holloway skirt in the same style and fabric and I'm pleased with myself that mine looks just as good.

I've worn it again since a couple of times and now I'm in full circle skirt mode, I just need some more fabric!
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  1. Circle skirts are the only thing I can sew.. Self learning and so far, got them down rather well! Yours looks awesome!


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