Thursday, 2 July 2015

Pinup Picnic in the Park - Hyde Park


So as you may know, I love a bit of Instagram and the pinup community that comes with it. I love having a place with so many like-minded people at the tap of my touch screen. I've also been following The British Belle's on there for a while, a group of ten British pinup ladies who decided it was about time we all try to meet up without the IG filters. 

The day was set for last Saturday in Hyde part and I couldn't wait/was nervous about going to London to a big even on my own because I'm a child. But I knew it would be lovely to meet all these guys in person and take lots of silly pictures whilst discussing hair and petticoats. Now what to wear, this was a difficult decision! I didn't want to turn up in the same as someone else so out came the sewing machine and the watermelon fabric. I know I can make a pleated skirt in an evening so that's exactly what I did, it'd match my new watermelon shoes from Asda (£6) perfectly. 

I decided to team it with my Lucy Fruity cardigan by Collectif (£39), the more I wear this the more I love it and it's definitely the most expensive cardigan I've bought and I now want all the cardigans they have! Ahhhh. Collectif won again as I wore my black Dolores top (£25) with my peacock Erstwilder brooch which I bought at the same time as the cardi from the Brighton store which I think was £17.50.

With freshly dyed hair I headed down on the train...always time for selfies and made by way to the meeting point at Marble Arch.

 Straight away I met my Insta friend Kayla, check her out! Pretty sure she's my rockabilly spirit animal. I loved standing in a huge gaggle of pinup ladies, I think everyone around thought something super special was about to happen and there were loads of pictures being taken. I had to hide some serious fan girl moments seeing some of the famous pinup ladies I follow in the flesh, they were all lovely, mental and stunning!

After gathering all of us together we marched over to a nice spot in Hyde Park and set up camp for our picnic. Everyone had cute little picnic hampers, Pimms and prosecco. It was such a great experience meeting all the lovelies I've been following and admiring and meeting and following new girls and swapping hair and clothes secrets. We were all really impressed that no one had the same thing on actually. 

 The sun was glorious! We did eventually all have to move into the sun to maintain our porcelain skin and of course more photos!

Most of these pictures are my own...a couple are stolen from other IGers so give me a shout if you mind!
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