Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Back To Brighton!

As I'm not having a summer holiday this year me and my lovely friend Tiff decided a few days in Brighton was called for. We both love this city, the sea and shopping so it was a given really.

We stayed in my favourite B'n'B Motel Schmotel, been there a few times now and apart from the bathroom door lock not working, I can't fault it. The staff are lovely and helpful, it's near the seafront and the lanes and shop AND they do a cracking breakfast. That's really all you need in life. 

We set off, Figaro piled high with suitcases and bags, a tank of petrol and the cheesy playlist blaring and made it in record time arriving to pure sunshine. So of course the first we did when parked up was head to one of our having eating places 'The New Club' for a cocktail and a burger. 

We both had the Cola Bottle cocktail followed by the southern fried chicken burger with 'bastard sauce', what is bastard sauce you ask? Amazing. I wish I could have bought a bottle of it. That's all you need to know. The mac'n'cheese? Don't even get me started! The burger was huge and glorious and with a sea view it was a brilliant first stop of the trip. 

Seriously though I love this place, great food (locally sources) and inventive drinks you should all visit this place if you go. 

Walking along the promenade we then headed in to the shopping area and hit the lanes. And boy, did we spend some money. We loved looking in all the whacky shops and checking out the eating places and taking loads of silly photos.

We also stopped by Choccywoccydoodah for some pictures.

And then Cloud 9 for some CAKE! We came. We saw. We ate.

I went into my mothership of all shops, Collectif. I left buying a gorgeous Erstwilder peacock brooch and a summery yellow tropical cardi. I never thought I'd be one to wear yellow, black all the way usually but I can't deny I loved it. 

Stepping outside Tiff noticed someone she recognised...only my favourite artist Passenger! In his home town with another artist I love Stu Larsen, I had to go say hi and get a photo. Best. Trip. EVERRRRR!

We spotted a popular looking Italian restaurant near the Brighton Down called Pinocchios so headed in for a dinner we really didn't need as we'd eaten so much at lunch. But still, food! We ordered and the portions were huge! We'd also ordered a huge garlic pizza which we so didn't need, but we ate it anyway.

We did intend to go out for drinks but we'd ate so much it just wasn't going to happen. We went to watch crappy TV in bed. We woke to the smell of breakfast cooking and headed down to the cute breakfast room for ours. I ordered the eggs and soliders (check the faces) and Tiff had the Vegan. All of their food is locally sourced and well thought out, and it shows.

 This day I dressed more summery, I'd made a pencil skirt from some flamingo skirt I bought from Fabric Land. I love this skirt more than life. I teamed it with a white top and the yellow Collectif cardigan, I have to say I felt pretty good! I couldn't leave out my Frenchie brooch by Atomic Mingo either, perfect fit. I got loads of compliments from strangers this day so that was really lovely actually.

We headed to the pier, bought doughnuts and a coke and watched the world go by for a bit. Then, because we're children we hit the waltzers! 

We both bloody love them and I miss them already! Haha. Then of course more shopping. Here's a snapshot of my purchases. 

My favourite things? The flamingo bulb from England at Home, my Mac foundation (my first mac purchase) and MY BEAUTIFUL MERMAID BAG!!  Which is by Skinny Dip but I bought it in Topshop for £30. I also bought some goodies from Lush, Tiger and H&M. 


After unloading the shopping again it was time for another meal, another Italian. Had some wine, mozzarella and gorgeous gnocchi. This time I wore my new Lindy Bop dress, I love the colour. We were so knackered from all the food and shopping we went back to the hotel to start packing and getting ready for the sad trip back. There was even a session of bum fake tanning on the balcony (not me dolls, porcelain forever!) then it was time to hit the sack for the last time.

And the it was home time. I'm already thinking about my next time back, I'd love to stay in the rockabilly room in Hotel Perlicco. One day!

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  1. I love Brighton; I would move there tomorrow if work didn't make it impossible. Maybe one day.....


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