Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Brooches Everyone's Talking About From Atomic Mingo!

So my brooch obsession is no real secret is it, I have loads and I want even more. From birds to cars, hearses and hearts I've got them all. So when something new hits the market, I WANT IT!

I've been following the creepylittlethings Instagram page for a while, loving her hair, style and cute pictures of her family I couldn't have been more excited when she announced she was starting to make brooches. Her new page for brooches is called Atomic Mingo and is my new addiction.
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We all got to see the design and creation process, everyone was waiting eagerly for when they hit the Etsy page so we could snap them up. Keep tuned on the page for when they go up on the store. First we saw cacti with pink hearts, watermelons with heart seeds, pastel milkshakes and vintage cats. Then, for me, came the mothership of all designs...Grease themed brooches! The first one I fell in love with was the Frenchie brooch,  we all know that scene during the 'beauty school drop out' song where she gets her huge bubblegum bubble burst. It's perfect. It also has 'beauty school drop out' written on the banner on the brooch which I love. I had to have it!

So my first order consisted of this amazing Frenchie brooch and the light vintage cat. They sold out so quick I was so pleased I got them! I missed out on the Pink Lady brooch but then it was released a few days later and I snapped it up straight away! 

Considering I ordered them from Australia I don't think they took much more than a week to get to me. Which is great as I have zero patience. You can see how well painted and crafted they are, they look so good on to and I've had loads of compliments on them. They're so different to anything out there at the moment it's lovely to see the demand for them. 

The next brooch on my wishlist is the Rizzo one that's been designed. I LOVE RIZZO! Who doesn't? It's perfect, when making them we were all asked to suggest what should be on the banner. Myself and a few other lovelies suggested 'Eat your heart out' and that's what's now on there...so I simply MUST HAVE IT.

They sell out so quick when they go online, I image it's what regular people feel like when trying to get concert tickets...but I want allllll the brooches. Especially this one...and maybe the pineapple one! OK definitely the pineapple one..

Also if you're a fan of Crybaby...then you really need to check her out.


Go check out her page and fall in love. But if you beat me to the Rizzo brooch I may have to hunt you down :)

Some images taken from Atomic Mingo page.
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