Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mini haul from Deer Arrow

If there's one thing I really love it's brooches, metal, resin and wooden. It's a shame there's not as many in the UK as there are in Australia but longer post times and the occasional customs charge aside I'm more than happy to put in an order with Deer Arrow as I just LOVE them!

 Look how cute the packaging is!

I've been wanting some wooden ones from Deer Arrow for ages. So payday came and the bank card came out! There's so many that I want but I restrained myself to only three, but I think I chose three really good ones!

So, I bought:
Mixer brooch ($18.00 / Mint)
Vintage Chevy brooch ($15.00 / Red)
Bowling brooch ($15.00)

I love them all! Given my blog/Instagram name I couldn't resist the mixer brooch, and I really want one in real life and the mint matches my car and I'm a consumer like that so I had to have it.

They Chevy is a car I'd love to have, and in red of course so I couldn't not but this brooch in my shopping cart, cute no?

Who doesn't love bowling? This is super vintage looking and I love going bowling so I can't wait to take it out for a proper spin next time I go. 

They're all painted so well and I've had so many compliments on them. I think my next order might be the milkshake and the record player brooch, love these guys so much. To be honest I want all of them so it will be hard to choose...check out the Toucan.
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  1. Cute brooches and I also loved your Brighton post :)


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