Monday, 25 May 2015

Norway's National Day

The 17th May is Norway's constitution day, in the past we have celebrated it in Oslo in full national dress stuffing our faces with waffles and ice cream, at Thorpe Park throwing ourselves down roller coasters and log flumes but in the last couple of years we've celebrated at home with huge Norwegian feasts. 

 Out comes the dress, a blue sailory Hell Bunny one. I should make one with a flag on it shouldn't I? This year I'm wearing a white Lindy Bop underskirt with it for some extra oomph. I went all out with the rockabilly hair and victory rolls, they came out pretty good!

And by celebrating we of course mean - making lots of food! We're also not very good at scaling down so there's always loads. 

So on the menu we had:
Open faced sandwiches
Whole baked salmon
Potato salad (with homemade mayonnaise)
Krumkaker (vanilla cripsy cones)
Norwegian flag cake

Open faced sandwiches are their own food group in Norway, on ours we decided to have sliced boiled egg and prawn, Jarlsberg cheese, roast beef and ham. I also thought it would be a great idea to make the mayonnaise for the potato salad, all of the recipes said to do it by I did. It took FOREVER! But it tasted soooooo good and my bingo wings got a good working out. 

We loves us some salmon us Norgies, especially a whole baked one. Whenever we buy on we always call him Herbert, and then shove him in the oven. But the good news is, that he tasted delicious! So he did not die in vain, we ate every last bit. 

For dessert I made a batch of Krumkaker, very crumbly light vanilla cone biscuits. I used my nan's iron, she bought me my own but on special occasions I like to use her cast iron one from the 60s, isn't it amazing? I love the floral pattern. 

Magazines in Norway coming up to the big day always show huge cakes decorated with fruit to look like the Norwegian flag so I wanted to recreate it. I also wanted it to show a flag when you cut it..which it NEARLY did! But I messed up and forgot the top blue bit so there is no picture's better this way.

I love the 17th May, I love the food, the family and the fuss and I hope there's never a year that passes that we don't celebrate it.

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