Sunday, 21 February 2016

Oil Slick Hair, My Dream To Be A Disney Villain

I've had red hair for years now, about 5 I think. And I love it, I really do. But I've always dreamt of something darker, something more...Ursula or Maleficent and maybe even a bit of Hades creeping in. 

To be really honest I've always wanted blue hair but haven't dared bleach it to achieve this dream. I did however notice that the ends of my hair were getting very light, light enough to colour blue? Why not! I caved and bought some 'midnight blue' from Directions and boldly whacked it on hoping for maybe a bit of ombre? And what did I get? DISNEY VILLAIN OMBRE THAT'S WHAT!

I did panic slightly when I blow dryed it as it looked like a dark storm, blue and black and murky. Once I'd washed it once more what I was then left with was, oil slick hair, perfect for any evil character. 

In the sun it was beautiful, stunning blue at the bottom and streaking throughout the red which now had streaks of purple and almost looked iridescent like those purple/red/green cars you see around. 

I decided to pin curl it and this was the best decision I made. It brought the blue higher up and more visible and you could really see all of the colours working together. So in love with this hair. 

Long term, will I keep it? Not sure, I think blue will be harder to maintain than the red but I just really wanted to try it out. The blue will stay in a little longer but I may colour it again with the red which I think will make the overall end colour really stunning.

Stay tuned!
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