Sunday, 8 May 2016

Preparing For Summer With Evans! - Review

Summer is finally on the horizon, the sun's been out so I'm finally looking to ditch the black tights and bring some colour back.

I've been eyeing up Callie Thorpe's Instagram and just LOVED the Collection Khaki Zip Front Cami Top she's been showing off recently from Evans. I really struggle to find tops I like so I was a bit hesitant but dropped it in my online basket anyway. For £15.00 I thought it was a bargain.

When I was on the site I also couldn't help but notice this Blue Floral Print Prom Dress, for £60.00 for a dress I thought it was pretty reasonable so... that went into the basket too. 

The khaki top I got in a 20 and I think it's because I'm used to having to size-up from other stores because of the boobs, I could easily have gotten this in an 18, however it did still fit well I just prefer a more snug fit. I sometimes feel like tops that aren't fitted all the way down can make me feel bigger and they can stick out, this fabric fell really nicely and nice and loose for summer without making me feel like Homer Simpson in his moo-moo (and the zip is a fabulous details also) thumbs up!

I was really excited about trying on the dress, I was MORE excited about the fact it was scuba fabric and didn't need a zip so it could be pulled straight over my head and boobs with ease. The fabric also didn't lose any colour when stretched like some scuba fabrics can that make you look like your wearing an ill-fitting product. The fabric didn't change at all which was lovely and I felt like a normal human being in a cute dress. This was a size 20 and it was a perfect fit and length.

The colours are beautiful and it's a heavy fabric so it falls nicely but you don't feel too hot in it so will be great over summer. 

I've taken a close up of the pattern to really show it off. 

Next I'm looking for some cropped patterned trousers which I've always been scared of! Suggestions?

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