Sunday, 4 September 2016

#MySwimBody in Spain, Plus Size Bikinis and ASOS Curve Purchases

So for the last couple of years I've seen so many posts about bikinis, plus size bikinis and body positivity and it's really been having an effect on my own opinions about my body and how I dress. I never thought I would wear skirts or dresses or anything that showed off my body, so I didn't. Things are very different now though. 

I have an endless supply of dresses and skirts, a lot of this is down to discovering the pinup and vintage scene on social media, believing I was the only one who was interested in this, how wrong was I! I bought my first houndstooth penchil skirt and that was it, I was hooked. 

I've only recently gotten back into swimming after for some reason thinking I obviously couldn't be seen in a swimming costume in public. Once I got over this ridiculous notion I loved swimming again! So much so that when myself and the bearded wonder went on holiday recently I really wanted to find something I felt confident in to wear by the pool, and what I really wanted was a bikini. I know, a bikini, who would have thought that I would actually choose to wear one - for the first time in my life would you believe? Another scary thought was getting out my thunder thighs but you know what? I think the only person actually concerned with them was me.

For advice I trawled posts on Instagram by those who rock bikinis better than anyone else I know and have taught me so much about body positivity, check out @fullerfigurefullerbust and @curvywordy they're both great as they post loads of swimwear posts and link to all their purchases so it's easy to get inspired and see things you can afford that you would actually feel amazing in. 

 I basically emptied Asos for all of their Asos Curve swimwear items, I got a bit click happy and as we booked a last minute holiday wanted to get something sorted ASAP. The only problem I found was that as it was the height of summer a lot of the top sizes were sold out but there was a lot of choice for the bottoms. 

After a lot of exchanges and research I found a top I fell IN LOVE with. The Monif C bikini,  It has a fringed top which added a little extra detail and coverage and the fit was brilliant! It was at the higher end of my choices at £56 for the top but I wore it all the time and felt brilliant. Money well spent, no question.  

The bottoms I got were plain black and only cost £14, I did get a nice patterned pair as well but I didn't get a snap of them and they're no longer on their site unfortunately. I only wore them once and they showed quite a lot of cheek and I prefer a bit more coverage however they were still super supportive so was still a win. 

I can't say I've ever felt more comfortable in a swim suit let alone could I ever imagine I'd feel this great in a two-piece. I think I wore it every single day at some point and had no worried about jumping in the pool for a swim with the other guests. I'm also a bit dark and I loved how when I got in the pool all the fringing floated and I felt like Ursula or some form of evil squid. WIN.

The hat from the first image is also an Asos purchase, it's in the sale too now for £14!

I'm already thinking about outfits for next summer. 

(The first image has a different top shown)
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