Sunday, 3 April 2011

This Week In Cakes

This week has seriously been cake week, I've done four! Luckily three of them were cupcakes so it wasn't too bad.

My first cake was for a 1st birthday and had the characters from Waybuloo on it. This was a challenge as I hadn't done anything from this TV show before so I had to do a lot of Googling. All I can say is thank God for Sugarflair colouring pastes, A year ago I hadn't used any before and they are incredible! Thanks to them I managed to get colours bright enough for a kids cake.

I also had a Mother's Day cupcake to make, a clean and simple white and pink Victoria sponge cake one, sometimes keeping it simple can make it look brilliant.

I had a surprise leaving cupcake to make for a colleague who loves pink, so I created this beauty which I think looked very girly and definitely pink! Loved it, love hearts always add that extra girly touch!

Finally it was my mum's birthday this week and I wasn't able to make a cake for the day of her birthday as I had some orders taking over, so I made her one for the day of Mother's day so she can have a dual one. I made it as a cupcake as the shape was perfect, I made it look like a bunch of Daffodils as they are her favourite flower. I couldn't get hold of any Sugarpaste in time so I made the flowers out of fondant, which wasn't too bad but I then had to let them dry for a long time but luckily it worked! It's Victoria sponge with lemon butter icing, nom!
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  1. so u make ur own fondant? and I LOVE your mums bday cake!!!!

  2. noooooo only own flowers out of fondant, I do have stuff to make it with but its cheaper to buy it ready made, i do have enough to make a bit for emergencies though!

  3. Wow. I've never seen cakes like these before. Amazing!

  4. thanks! a bit of Spring time inspiration!


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