Saturday, 16 April 2011

Shark Attack Cake

This week was my brothers birthday, and when I asked him a while ago what cake he would like, his answer was a shark attack one. He loves sharks so I guess this was a natural thought...he always wanted it to feature him being eaten by the particular with lots of blood! Odd I know, and I wish I could say this was the wish of a crazy small child, but alas it was not....he is in-fact now 37!
The cake is victoria sponge, I had to bake the shark head in a Pyrex measuring jug to get a good shape!
I piped with a big swirly nozzle, blue butter cream icing to get waves and ran a bit of dark blue through it for a bit of colour effect. He also wanted there to be blood (why not), so I made up some normal runny icing, made it bright red and dripped it around the icing limbs. I decided to really show it was him being eaten by the shark by giving him the same haircut and a work boot as it's all he wears! Really happy though I think it came out really well! I even added some read icing to the teeth so may them look a little blood-thirsty.
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  1. This cake is hilarious. I hope your brother enjoyed it. Very creative!

  2. thanks! he niece decidedly wanted to only eat the shark!

  3. Brilliant cake - we should all ask for the cake we truly want rather than what we think we should ask for!
    Love the shark's expression, it's like he's thinking "oh ok, if I must...."

  4. :) yep I thought it would make an odd cake but sometimes those are the best ones! My niece took great delight in eating the shark after

  5. What a great cake! Well done. I have no skills in the cake decorating area. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. thanks you! Mine hasnt been a natural talent so i have a long way to go!


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