Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Booby Cupcake

Another week another cupcake. Giant cupcakes are starting to become my signature bake, which is fine because I love making them, you can do pretty much anything to them as I discovered with this beauty.

It was my sister-in-laws birthday this week...and she is very proud of her boobs, so it was a natural decision to put this into her cake.

I really wanted to make her a boob cake like you get in the shops, but wanted to make it from scratch myself, a bit like the babyshower cake that I did. However, she really wanted one of my cupcakes. We moved house this week so a lot of my tins etc were packed away, so I thought I would yield and do the cupcake.

But to make both of us happy I combined both cake ideas! A cupcake, with boobs on! The boobs themselves are just made from lightly coloured pink fondant with red fondant heart nipple tassles - why not! I made it a sexy pink to help make it a bit more risque too. I then added pink polkadots to a chocolate brown fondant for some extra cuteness.

Could there maybe be a new route in booby cakes? Pin It Now!


  1. Thats awesome - gd to see you figured out ur oven! x

  2. Love the tassels - they protect the cake's modesty!

  3. Exactly what I thought, a little bit of modesty....sort of! :)


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