Sunday, 22 May 2011

Are You Hungry Tonight? Elvis Presley Cookbook

I have a lot of odd cookbooks I have I thought I would start to write a bit about them, I'm all for quirky cooking, add a bit of novelty here and there and I'm set.

This one we discovered in my cousins house in Norway, I am a huge Elvis fan and just had to have a copy for myself! Aptly name 'Are You Hungry Tonight' by Brenda Arlene Butler.

Now we all know that Elvis wasn't exactly known for his healthy eating, and this book is full of nothing but indulgence, which on one hand is brilliant, just what my blog is about....on the other hand, I wouldn't advise eating these recipes daily unless you have a strong heart!

The book has a real retro feel with lots of old photos of Elvis and really old fashioned photos of food, just what you would imagine him eating during that time in America.

In this book you can find such beauties as
Chicken a la King
Banana Coconut Chiffon Pie
Fried Cornmeal Mush
Potato Cheese Soup
The Royal Wedding Cake
and his ever famous Fried Peanut Butter And Banana Sandwhich.

I'm not sure If I will every try any of the recipes in here myself....worryingly some of the desserts don't look too bad! I think I would do it for an American themed evening with an Elvis twist maybe!

My mum though, did make me a cake from this book for my 21st over two years ago, a tier from the wedding cake! My obsession with him was probably at the height at this point so it was perfect. She also hadn't tried a bit cake like this before so it was something new for her but she did an amazing job!

I love how they called this the royal wedding cake, I wonder if William and Kate took any inspiration from this?....Probably not!!

Check out my mums version here, I think all that is different is that she added some colour so it didn't look so bridal...actually, I personally think it looks better! It tasted absolutely gorgeous! It took something like 40 egg my pour family attempted to eat pure egg yolk omlettes so they didn't go to waste....heart attack on a plate...Elvis would have been proud! (They didn't make it through the meal though!) Pin It Now!

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