Friday, 27 May 2011

Chelsea Football Birthday Cake

So this week my task was to make a birthday cake for a boy turning ten, and he loves Chelsea.
So they asked for a cake with the badge on, I was a little worried about this as I hadn't done a badge before, and they can be very fancy and fiddly, and they have to be perfect! I decided the best way to do it was to make a stencil, so I printed the badge off the internet and used that as a guide.

The cake itself was Bournville cake, the best baking chocolate that there is I think. With chocolate buttercream, again, very important, only ever make buttercream with BUTTER! You can always taste the difference, don't skimp. I dirty iced it Cake Boss style on my icing turntable, which is amazing (and from Lakeland). I usually make Victoria sponge cakes so cover them with jam, however buttercream made it a lot easier to put the fondant on and gave it a smoother look which you don't get with jam.

I covered the cake in white fondant as thats the main background colour on the badge, then using dark blue fondant I laid out the cut out figure and with a very shark knife cut around it. I managed to do it in one piece apart from what it's holding which was brilliant.

The lettering used was with patchwork tappit cutters. They font was quite similar to the one of the badge so it worked really well. These are really tricky to use and hard to get out clean so I had to spend ages finely cutting away excess to clean up the egdes.

I was really happy with how it turned out in the end, and adding the name Jacob around the end to personalise it a bit. I also didn't write Chelsea Football Club on it, but opted for Happy Birthday as it looked a bit more celebratory. Pin It Now!


  1. Lovely cake - the logo is so clean and crisp

  2. Hi... How did u do the logo? Did u used any template? Mind sharing it with me?

  3. I just googled for the badge image, printed it out and cut the pieces out. I did the lettering it Tappit cutters :)

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