Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Lastest Baking Buys

Over the last couple of weeks I have gradually been buying a few more baking bits as shockingly I had some money left towards the end of the month, which never happens - so of course I had to spend it! But actually most of these purchases I needed, I did really! So it's allowed, guilt free.

First of all, the big purchase was a 7 tier perspex cupcake stand. I'm doing a wedding next month for 150 cupcakes so I really needed to hurry up and get one so I would have time to return it if there was something wrong with it. Luckily it's perfect and even arrived the next day when I didn't pay extra for that. It cost me £29.99 which I didn't think was too bad, there were some cheaper ones out there but the perspex tiers were thinner and the support structure wasn't very strong looking. You can see it here in my picture, please keep in mind I haven't taken off the protective blue film yet, also please excuse my messy table I had a lot of my baking stuff out! I bought mine from eBay as I hadn't seen any in any local shops out here in the sticks and if I'm only, I absolutely love eBay so I couldn't resist a purchase for something I actually needed. Another good point about this stand too is that it's so easy to assemble and you don't have to use all 7 tiers, however it advises that it could hold up to 120 cupcakes. I did a little test with cases and it would say maybe 70 unless you use really small cupcakes.

My next purchase was from Wilkinson. They have a whole new cute cupcake and baking baking with really great low prices. They even sell muffin wrappers, cake boxes and board set and even whole decorating sets. I have to say I was really shocked I could pick up these items there but so happy I discovered it. I was literally on my way out when I passed this section so wasn't free to browse as I would have liked but I managed to quickly grab this set of Tala 3 Squeeze Decorating Bottles for only £3! Bargain. I've always seen bottles like these and wanted to try them out but they've always been in large sets which seemed a bit scary for a first go. I was thinking these could be great for decorating sugar biscuits with royal icing, I will get a proper review up soon when I've been able to road test them properly.

Right my next purchase I've been looking at a while, diamond molds.  These are actually for ice cubes but I'm sure it'll still work. I saw it on Cake Boss when they made a giant gem out of a sugar solution and it looked brilliant! I have an order for a diamond anniversary cake next month so I thought this would be a good reason to finally buy it. I've been finding it difficult to find a good recipe for the gems that doesn't involve melting down pear isolates or whatever they're called, but I've seen a couple so I will definitely try them out. I got this set from Play for £3.49 which was a total steal. they're silicone too so should be fairly easy to pop out. They're more 3D than I imagined as looked as it might only be half size so the top was diamond shaped, but actually it makes a whole diamond! Can't wait to make some serious cake bling!

OK these last ones here aren't recent as such, I bought them just before I went to Norway. The Dr. Oetker Gold and Silver Shimmer Spray are a new addition to our baking aisles and I have to say I love them. Some might think them tacky but actually I think used well can actually look very pretty and will be brilliant for Christmas. I used the silver one recently in my National Costume Giant Cupcake post. The silver came out quite light and pearly however if you did want a strong flavour I'm sure you could easily layer it up. You will find it all around where you've used it in the kitchen, but don't worry it does just wipe/wash off with no problems. I got these in Tesco but I've also seen them in Asda so I'm sure they're readily available in most food shops.

It's payday at the weekend so I'm sure it won't be too long before there's another post like this! Pin It Now!


  1. I'm feeling jealous and envious! I did just buy the Dr Oetker shimmer spray from Tesco but have ot decided how to use it yet. I'm going to have a quick look on ebay now and see if I can find any bargains myself :)

  2. I remember the diamonds on Cake Boss (I love that show - there isn't another show where brilliant cake is combined with so much hilarity) - can't wait to see how you get on with the moulds

  3. You have bought some good stuff here. I bought some squeezy bottles and found them difficult to clean up afterwards - will you let us know if these are easy to clean.
    I love the shimmer sprays and haven't seen these before.

  4. Those sprays are amazing! I managed to create a perfect gold and silver for Star Trek comm badges =)


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