Sunday, 11 September 2011

This Week In Cakes

So it was cake week again, without realising it I had taken on three cakes to do in a week with full decoration, crazy! But it's OK because I made it to the other side! The first was the cupcake and cake pop order I posted earlier in the week as you can here.

The second was for my brother's 25th birthday, I couldn't post about it at the time as I didn't want him to see it before we went to visit, but here it is. He loves comic books and all that stuff, Batman and Joker in particular, so it was a natural choice to do this one. I took me ages to find a picture of one from the right era, illustrator's important to boys. I printed the picture out about a million times and did it like a stencil and luckily managed to keep it down to two layers rather than it looking too 3D, it took me hours but I'm so happy with how it turned out, I tried to get it within the Joker playing card theme too. To finish it off I outlined every bit with and icing pen to give it the real cartoon look and it needed some definition from the base icing as it was the same colour. For the colours I used Sugarflair pastes: Mint Green, Liquorice, Christmas Red, Melon Yellow and Grape Violet.

The third was another one of my giant cupcakes, this one was for a lady turning thirty...who loved Eddie Stobart lorries! It definitely made a change from the super girly ones I do although I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of those! But it was good to be challenged. I had to be careful here as the lorries feature strong colours...but I still wanted it to look edible. I made the bottom 'case' part of it red, and made wheels to go around it so it then looked like the actual bottom of a lorry. The very bottom of them also have a red and white stripe patterns (candy cane like) so I piped some white icing around the seal to give it that look. For the top I piped green swirls like I usually took to give it a bit more of a feminine feel. For those of you who don't know, all of the Eddie Stobart lorries have their own names, so as she is a fan I of course had to make sure this one had a name - hers! I also made a little number plate saying L30, her name is Laura and she is thirty....I realised it still didn't look very lorry like so I added a windscreen and some wipers just to make it a bit more obvious so I hope it helped.

The hard part was that down the side the lorries all have 'EDDIE STOBART' down the side in a particular font in yellow with a red shadow, I didn't have cutters in this font so it just wouldn't look right, and to be hones there would not have been enough room for that long name. So, I thought I would do the number thirty, the other font cutters I had looked just fine in number form and I managed to do the yellow/red colouring which really tied it all together and is part of the whole trademark look. This was one of the hardest cupcakes I have had to do but I think it came out really well!
Sugarflair pastes used: Holly Green, Melon Yellow, Christmas Red, Liquorice. Pin It Now!


  1. Both cakes are amazing. I love the Stobart giant cupcake - if all lorries looked like that driving on the motorway would be so much more fun!

  2. I'm so impressed, I wish I could decorate cakes like this! :)

  3. My daughter has an amazing gift and imagination when it comes to decorating cakes.They also taste soooooooooo good.I am so proud of her I could burst a piping bag. lol

  4. You are so talented. Congrats ! All your cakes are so wonderful but the cake with the "Joker' from Batman is brilliant!!

  5. wow they both look great. The joker cake is awesome!


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